Congressman Delgado

For the first time, Otsego County’s Congressman Antonio Delgado, D-19, today declared articles of impeachment are warranted against President Trump.

“Having taken an oath of office before God and my fellow citizens to support and defend the Constitution of the United States,” he said in a statement released by his office today, “I can only conclude that Congress move forward with articles of impeachment.”

The change of position was prompted by the president having “admitted to soliciting the Ukranian president to investigate a political rival.  In doing so, (Trump) used the power of the presidency to pressure a foreign government to help him win an election,” the statement said.

The statement was issued at 8:23 a.m., and already responses coming forward, the first from the National Republican Congressional Committee, which said Delgado “ jumped on the socialist Democrats’ baseless efforts.

“In a district President Trump won by more than six points, Antonio Delgado’s decision to pursue impeachment will be a political death sentence,” the NRCC said.


  1. Karl Seeley

    I heartily agree.

    If what we’ve heard about the whistle-blower is correct, Donald Trump was using his powers of office to pressure a foreign government into attacking one of his rivals. If that doesn’t warrant removal ftom office, then what does?

  2. Cynthia Squires

    I have sided with the Speaker and Rep. Schiff until recently, but now I am convinced that Donald Trump is too dangerous to the present and future of the nation to continue in his office.

  3. Mike Bobnick

    I am originally from Otsego county 40 yrs ago. Every time I come back I see why people leave. What is there to keep the young from leaving? Is it the drugs? The alcohol? The lack of jobs, except no skill ones?

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