Lacking Pipelines, Con Ed Imposes Moratorium Downstate


Lacking Pipelines, Con Ed
Imposes Moratorium Downstate

Editor’s Note: Gas shortages in New York State aren’t limited to Otsego County, give this excerpt from a Politico dispatch from a  few days ago.

ALBANY – Businesses, developers and  homeowners looking to switch to natural gas from oil or get service for new construction projects in much of southern Westchester County are out of luck.
Con Edison has officially imposed a moratorium on new firm service in southern Westchester, something it has been warning state policymakers would happen for months. The gas utility will stop accepting applications for new service on March 15. The moratorium applies to communities in the county south of Bedford, Mount Kisco and New Castle.
The moratorium is the result of high gas demand on the coldest winter days and limited pipeline capacity in the area. While Con Edison proposed non-pipeline alternatives in an attempt to avoid blocking new gas hookups, the proposals were ultimately not enough to alleviate the need for a new pipeline.
“We are pursuing non-pipeline solutions and reduced reliance on fossil fuels through innovative, clean-energy technologies. We will also continue to explore opportunities for gas infrastructure projects that can meet New York State requirements,” Con Ed stated on its website with information about the moratorium. “However,
until our efforts align demand with available supply, we will no longer
be accepting applications for new natural gas connections in most of
our Westchester service area.”
Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s administration has rejected permits for most new gas pipeline projects in recent years, leading to pipeline developers shying away from proposing projects in the state. Environmental advocates are pressuring Cuomo to reject all new gas infrastructure, including a pipeline National Grid says is needed to avoid its own moratoriums on Long Island and in the city.

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