letter: Blabey Cites Intelligent Management, Vision

Blabey Cites Intelligent Management, Vision

To the Editor:

During the past few years I have been extremely impressed with the effective administration of the Village of Cooperstown.  I attribute this to the professionalism and hard work of our mayor and Board of Trustees, which I have witnessed up close as a member of the Planning Board and the Economic Sustainability Committee.

Lou Allstadt and Ellen Tillapaugh Kuch are valued members of the village’s administrative team and are now up for re-election.   In my opinion, they take practical and deliberate approaches to solving village problems.  They are sensitive to the concerns of residents.  But most importantly of all, they understand that change is inevitable and unless the village manages it intelligently, change can have long-term negative consequences.

Intelligent management requires a vision.  They have one, which is to preserve what we all love best about Cooperstown while simultaneously encouraging economic revitalization through the implementation of forward-looking policies.

My wife Anne and I therefore urge the residents of Cooperstown to vote for Lou and Ellen on March 21.



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