Letter from Kimber Home: Supreme Court Limit?

Letter from Kimber Home

Supreme Court Limit?

Nowhere in the Constitution does it say that we have to have 9 Supreme Court Justices. Nor would it require a Constitutional amendment to add more seats. In fact, Congress has expanded the Supreme Court five times throughout American history.

Congress should use its constitutional authority to rebalance the Supreme Court, which has been taken over by a supermajority that holds extreme views outside of the mainstream of legal thought and out of step with most Americans. That’s why Congress must pass the Judiciary Act, which would add four seats to the Supreme Court and help stem the right-wing supermajority’s attacks on our fundamental freedoms, including the right to access abortion care.

There’s nothing stopping Congress from adding justices — except for the political will to do it, of course. In fact, recent polling showed that the majority of the American voters they represent support expanding the court. That’s why I’m urging Congress to pass to support the Judiciary Act of 2021 and add four seats to the Supreme Court.

Kimber Home
Richfield Springs

3 thoughts on “Letter from Kimber Home: Supreme Court Limit?

  1. Dommy

    It was OK when the liberals were winning. Now they want to change because of some common sense rulings.

  2. Jim Madison

    So when Republicans eventually control Congress and the Presidency, they will then expand the court arguing it is needed because of activist liberal judges legislating from the bench and not following the written language of the constitution. And then when Democrats again control Congress and the Presidency they will expand the court again… and then when Republicans control Congress and the Presidency…. Eventually there will be more justices then members of Congress.

  3. Gene Silvers

    Court-packing is the main check on the judiciary’s power, and court-packing battles for control of courts are inevitable as long as those courts don’t already have enough judges in them.

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