Letter to the Editor: Freedom

Freedom in jeopardy

To the Editor,                                                                                                                                                                     

We all have the most critical challenge of our lifetime at hand. Our constitution, plus our freedoms, are in great jeopardy and the attack is on fast track now. We are so fortunate to have lived through such great times in this country. We need to thank God, as well as all the fearless people that sacrificed, including the ultimate sacrifice, for the great years we have been blessed with. Freedom doesn’t come without a cost.

Historically, in this country we have fought for our country as one team, but for a longer time than most of us have realized we have an enemy that has worked hard at dividing us. You know how divide and concur works. We are up against a very smart/experienced global network that has been setting their stage for a long time. If you can’t take your target from the outside do it from within. That’s where we are at.

Patriotic Republicans must win by a wide margin in 2022 and 2024 in order to save our freedoms going forward. The radical globalists have bought our Democrat party and are poised to gain full control of us forever if we can’t reverse the current path of our government.

Today’s Democrat party will steal elections, lie, and do anything to progress their leaderships corrupt agenda. With the grip they have in government, the media, our court system, plus the money they have behind them, it is very hard to bring them to justice.

We must communicate these facts everywhere we can and seek reputable information to base our decisions on. Most important, we need to ask God to support us in our quest to save our country’s constitution/freedoms so coming generations have the quality of life we have been blessed with.

Bruce Beckert, South New Berlin, NY


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