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Letter from Gerry Welch

Waterproof Beacons Should Replace Flares

I own and operate a boat rental business in New York State. I went to check the expiration date on my flares to make sure my equipment was up to date. Even though I’ve been around boats most of my life, I have never needed to light a single flare. As it turned out, my flares were outdated, so I decided to see if they were still good. It actually took more time than I expected to figure out how to light one of them. After lighting the first flare I was surprised just how dangerous flares are! Because of cost, short duration, reliability and danger, I believe fire flares discontinued. I suggest waterproof electric beacons with optional siren would be safer and more reliable.

Gerry Welch


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Putting the Community Back Into the Newspaper

Special Subscription Offer

Now through September 30, new annual subscribers to “The Freeman’s Journal” and have an opportunity to help their choice of one of four Otsego County Charitable organizations.

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