Lions Club Service Project Clears River Of Debris

Lions’ Service Project

Clears River Of Debris

Butch Weir, Cooperstown, left, looks on as Matt Chisdock and Doug Perry haul an old 50-gallon drums aboard the Otsego Sailing Club work barge this morning during a Susquehanna River clean-up behind Bassett Hospital. The clean-up was a community service project headed by the Cooperstown Lions Club with help from the OCCA and the SUNY Biological Field Station volunteer dive team. At right, event organizer John Rowley brings ashore the first of over 25 tires retrieved. Teams also brought up scores of bottles, barrels, pipes, a feeding trough and other refuse from the floor of the river. Neighbors who use the waterway applauded their work and even helped in the effort. (Ian Austin/

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