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Lynch, Malone Behind Attempt

At Oust Murphy, Colleague Says

‘I’m Very Angry,’ Says Brzozowski.  Manager Can Succeed, He Adds


ONEONTA – Common Council members Mike Lynch and Larry Malone are behind efforts to oust City Manager Martin Murphy, Bob Brozowski, one of three Council members that want to give Murphy time to succeed, said this morning.

“I’m very angry,” said the usually mild-mannered Council member.

Brzozowski said Wednesday’s meeting, purportedly called an initiative of a “360 review” of Murphy’s performance to date, was simply a “charade” to set an ouster attempt in motion.

“The faction that wanted to oust Martin” – a first attempt was foiled in the spring – “is acting on it,” he said.

Acting Mayor Russ Southard called a special Council meeting at 6:30 this evening where, he said, he will ask Council members to approve a three-month severance for Murphy.   Thursday morning, Southard confirmed last night, he and Council member Maureen Hennessy asked the city manager to resign, but he declined to do so.

When asked if Murphy could continue, Brzozowski replied, “Definitely!”  He said the city’s second city manager in two years should continue until a new Council is in place Jan. 1 (following the November elections) and Murphy can set goals with the new leadership.

“With Dick Miller’s passing” – the mayor died suddenly three weeks after Murphy took office last Oct. 1 – “we were all left with a vacuum,” Brzozowski said, detailing the extraordinary challenges the city manager has faced in the 10 months since coming to City Hall.

He needs more than 10 months to show what he can do, Brzozowski said.


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