MACMILLAN: Thanks To All Involved With CAA Flowerbeds

Letter by Dr. Roger MacMillan

Thanks to All Involved
with CAA Flowerbeds

While I wish to thank the Clark Foundation for their generous comments regarding the flower bed in front of the Cooperstown Art Association sign, I would be remiss if I failed to thank the many people who have aided me in this endeavor over the past years.

One should note a large maple tree adjacent to this garden bed. Every spring, using forks and a mechanical tiller, the maple roots are removed from the garden bed, and peat moss and fertilizer worked into the soil under direction of Ms. Deborah Ackerman.

Over the years Ms. Ackerman and I have tried various combinations of flowers that included petunias, coleus, marigolds, and alyssum, to name a few. These have been especially ordered in the early spring from Mrs. Laurie Schmidt of Sunnycrest, Sharon Springs. These plants have consistently arrived very fresh and ready to plant. This year we tried a variety of zinnias obtained from Mr. Harry C. Teich of Hartwick. Everyone has praised this planting such that we plant to repeat it next year with a few additions.

So while I thank the Clark Foundation for their praise, I have included the other people who have made this display such an attractive one each year! They also should share in the credit for the above accolade.

Dr. Roger MacMillan

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