Max, SQSPCA Director To Swap Places For Day

He’s Been Confined For 444 Days

Max, SQSPCA Director

To Swap Places For Day

Max has spent one year, 78 days at the Susquehanna Animal Shelter, waiting to be adopted.

HARTWICK SEMINARY – Max, a long-time shelter resident, will move into SQSPCA Executive Director Stacie Haynes office this coming Wednesday, and Hayne will move into his cage for a day.

Will Stacie by smiling at the end of Wednesday?

The idea is to drive home to the public – and Stacie – what an extended stay means for shelter dogs, and the importance of adopting shelter dogs as quickly as possible.

“March 3 marks Max’s 444th day here at our shelter,” explained Haynes. “Max has been living in a kennel for over a year, with no comfy couch, no home or human to call his own, and an ever-changing parade of complete strangers judging both him and his behavior. Before that, he was in a different shelter for about four months.”

The 5-year-old pit bull will spend 444 minutes – 7 hours and 24 minutes – in the executive director’s office, and she in his kennel.

Shelter staff and volunteers do their best to provide enrichment, affection and a sense of normalcy for dogs like Max, he “will will not be truly happy until he finds his forever home,” Haynes said, adding “Max will take care of business with the staff as I languish in his kennel by myself, with the occasional bathroom break and an enrichment toy or two, watching people and dogs pass me by throughout the day.”

While max experiences the comfort and relative quiet of the front office, Haynes, who is also Schenevus Central School Board president, will be trying to relax amid the overstimulating distractions of kennels being cleaned, feeding time, public viewing and a lot of dogs barking.

Max is described by Haynes, shelter staff and SQSPCA volunteers as a terrific dog who enjoys bouncy balls, snuggling on the couch, long walks and swimming in the creek on hot summer days.

How will Max do on his first Zoom conference? Stay tuned …

To learn more about Max, call 607-547-8111, extension 102.

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