Mellor: Otsego Board of Reps Made Right Decision

Letter from Wayne Mellor

Otsego Board of Reps Made Right Decision

Sustainable Otsego fully supports the Otsego County Board of Representatives’ unanimous vote to oppose three propositions in the proposed 2024 state budget, which would change Real Property Tax Law 575-b, part N.

The first local, utility-scale, solar project was proposed for the Town of Laurens in 2019. In response, Sustainable Otsego’s position was that our communities and Otsego County need to benefit from the loss of our land to this solar project. Compensation should be cheaper, zero-carbon power via solar credits for our residents, and/or sufficient property taxes going to the county.

Doing away with any compensation for the land loss amounts to a subsidy for EDF Renewables, a French, foreign multinational corporation. It is beyond comprehension how this can help Otsego or Herkimer residents, since the power supplied to our part of upstate is already heavily zero-carbon. The solar power will go to the New York City market, and once again upstate bears the cost while downstate benefits. Not good for us, and not a good look for the Governor Hochul.

By using an end-around tactic to eviscerate “home rule,” the governor has overplayed her hand. We must make it known to her that she is not acting in the best interest of her supposed upstate neighbors or her own political future. Voice your concerns; call her office at 1 (518) 474-8390.

Founded in 2007, Sustainable Otsego believes in sustainable living, economic independence and home rule for Otsego County.

Wayne Mellor
Chair, Sustainable Otsego

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