New York Is 45th Fattest State In U.S., Study Finds

New York Is 45th Fattest

State In U.S., Study Finds

A new study shows that New York is the No. 45 most obese state in America with 25.7 percent of its adult population struggling with obesity. The national average is 30.1 percent. today released a study titled The Most Obese States in America which analyzed data from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) on obesity, exercise, and healthy eating habits.

Obesity is a rapidly growing epidemic. The national average shows 30.1 percent of adults are obese, a number that has doubled from 15 percent in 1990. This has led to an increase in the likes of lipo laser machines being used as solutions to lose excess fat that negatively affects the lives of so many.

It’s not only bad news for our waistline, but also our wallet. The cost of treating obesity – linked to early death, heart disease and diabetes – is up to $210 billion annually.

Here are additional findings for the causes of obesity in New York:

  • Lack of Exercise: 27. percent of adult residents do zero physical leisure activity. Ranking them No. 22 in the country.
  • Unhealthy Eating: 33.5 percent of adults east less than one fruit per day. Ranking them No. 37 in the country.

A person is considered obese when their Body Mass Indicator (BMI) is over 30. Put more tangibly, a person who is 5-foot-9 and weighs 203 pounds qualifies as obese.

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