News from the Noteworthy: Oneonta Mayor Path to Success

News from the Noteworthy

Oneonta Mayor Path to Success

In these first 7-months on the job, I’ve been occasionally reminded that not everyone shares my optimism for Oneonta’s future. Nor do they see value in keeping eyes fixed on the road ahead and not trained on past grudges or scores to settle.

However, I believe that by embracing the positive and identifying the possible, we put ourselves on our best path to success.

As Mayor, it’s my duty to present a cogent argument for optimism and to champion the benefits of respectful collaboration.

I was elected to pursue several initiatives that the voters believed might lead Oneonta into a more vital and prosperous future.

That said, I’m impatient. It’s clear that we’re making progress on many fronts, but I want results. I know that you do, too.

The importance of everyone seeing our plans coming to fruition can’t be overstated. That’s how we spread confidence in the strategies. And that’s how we win over and engage the naysayers and pessimists in helping achieve our shared goals.

But what are those goals? What are the benchmarks? These are the questions everyone should have, and that I am anxious to answer.

Sharing the vision, the goals, and strategies is the charge I am assigning myself.

So, this is my notice to you and your neighbors.

I will be taking to the road to make presentations to any group that will have me. I’ll take your questions and I’ll welcome your comments.

I expect that once we provide the big picture — with the details and all their moving parts — folks will see (and seize) opportunities to get themselves involved.

To join in the partnership.

This is after all, Oneonta. We’re good at this.

I have faith.

And that confidence has been reinforced over these first number of months through my experience of working with you.

There’s a significant majority in this community who want to help, who will work hand in hand to build a better city, with welcoming neighborhoods, a bustling economy, and a bright future.

The Housing Commission is a great example. Since I broke it down and rebuilt it, we have had nearly 5-dozen community members volunteer to serve in one of our seven workgroups.

It’s heartening to see neighbors caring for neighbors, and so engaged in improving the quality of life in their neighborhoods.

Assisted by the funding support of my first legislative success, the OCI — Oneonta Community Initiative, I’m excited to see what you’ll do to make Oneonta a better place to live.

I know that a few hundred dollars will make a world of difference to community promoters and folks with ideas to make for a nicer neighborhood. (And that’s a lot of you.)

The application is simple and easy to find on Fill it out and get some money to do good stuff.
There are so many initiatives, and so much more to show you.

Please contact me if you’d like me to present the vision to your group.

It would be my pleasure.

Mark Drnek, Mayor
City of Oneonta MayorMarkD

One thought on “News from the Noteworthy: Oneonta Mayor Path to Success


    I am a cyclist who uses the streets in Oneonta. River Street needs some serious attention to the pavement. It’s an accident for a cyclist waiting to happen. I’m glad to see that work is finally being done on West Street. Another nightmare for the road cyclist.

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