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ONEONTA – City police are warning residents of a possible telephone scam.

Police received notification from community members indicating that several people have received phone calls from a person who appears to know basic information about who they are.

The caller subsequently advises the person to whom they are speaking that their son/daughter/niece/nephew has been arrested for DWI, is in court, and needs money immediately.  The caller tells the person NOT to go to the courthouse.

The phone number for two of the calls has been is 607-441-8831 and another number for one call was 312-985-6975.  The Police Department has received three phone calls regarding this matter but so far all those who were called realized that the incident was a scam and did not turn over any money.

Please contact the Oneonta Police Department if there is any question as to the legitimacy of any phone calls received or if you have further information regarding this attempted scam.



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