Struck By Car, Injured, Victim Dies in Hospital

Struck By Car, Injured,

Victim Dies in Hospital

ONEONTA – April Johnson, 32, Oneonta, the woman who was struck by a car on the Lettis Highway on Monday, Dec. 30 has died, according to Police Chief Doug Brenner.

She had been hospitalized in the Intensive Care Unit at Albany Medical Center since the accident; Brenner said, and died Saturday, Jan. 11.

No additional charges will be filed against the driver, David Shafer, 41, Otsego.

Arrangements are pending.

11 thoughts on “Struck By Car, Injured, Victim Dies in Hospital

  1. db

    It was an accident that this man will have to live with the rest of his life – did you really have to mention his name again?

  2. N

    How about the emptiness the family now has to live with, not having their daughter, sister or MOTHER.
    he was driving illegally but he has the right to live with “his mistake”

  3. Catharinea

    I pray for you lost and anyone who has been Involved. There are occasions in life when our strength is tested. Some would throw. God is always there by our side, ready to give us power to go on and persevere during a rough time in life. If you go to the Bible open to Psalms and find comfort in God’s Word. As Psalms are expressions of an individual who often feels like the world is out to get him. Yet, he is able to call out to God and remain steadfast in hope. Amen

  4. Shelly

    Both the driver and the victim made a mistake. The driver was driving without a license and the victim wasnt using a crosswalk during a red light (the safest time to cross the street) she walked out in to a busy street…where people change lanes…while it was dark outside(most dangerous way to cross the street). Had she been using a crosswalk to safely cross maybe she’d be okay. Don’t personally condemn the driver everyone makes mistakes thankfully you aren’t the judge.

  5. Jane

    It’s really a shame. The man driving had no business to be driving. He gets to walk free while the family has to plan a funeral. He should face charges!!!

  6. jennifer

    crossing thr street in the dark/wrong place is not at all similar to driving withouut a license!!!!!!! and this was his 2nd time!!!

  7. Ralph Leonard Jr


  8. Brian Olsen

    Wow, this is outrageous! A man with multiple unlicensed offenses under his belt hits a woman (Who happened to have been a friend of mine; R.I.P. April) when he had no business being behind the wheel and no further charges will be filed? Welcome to New York! My heart goes out to her friends, family and fiancé Ralph Leonard Jr.

  9. Jake Fink

    Let me see if I have this right because since I am such a recluse these days I only just heard about this today and while I hadn’t seen her in a while she was still a friend(1/31/2020)

    The driver was driving without a license and he isnt being charged with Involuntary Vehicular Manslaughter? He also has several different infractions spaced out over time prior too this incident for driving without a license?

    He chose to get behind the wheel that night, without a license, while knowingly taking a risk of getting pulled over while breaking the law resulted in the death of one of my friends and, he is not being charged??

    I grew up around here so I know better than too believe everything I hear but, I also know better than to trust or believe the people in places of authority around here as well because most of them are what you would/could and should call “Good Ol’ Boys” and what I know so far, this person definitely is or is related to one, one of them being your esteemed District Attorney, John Muehl. Now if you know anything about him then you know all about his “Zero Tolerance” on Drug Dealers, Drug Users, people who committed any crime whatsoever surrounding either Drugs or Alcohol while routinely 6calls of how small town courts judges drive drunk and they all get passes. I have watched this happen several times myself and happen too others where you might get picked up anything, sit outside a court house waiting for a judge and the judge walks up staggering drunk after driving to court house to throw someone in jail! This guy who drove without license killed someone and snuffed out her life like it’s nothing and because of the person who he killed was and her history, this DA or his cohorts will not be coming after him, but if the roles were reversed, she would have been lynched and trolled all over the web and the papers as a “Low Life Druggie” as people always say about anyone who isnt a “Good Ol’ Boy” related to the the inbred people have been here for ages making the law and rules up as they go along as they see fit. I demand he be charged! Just like if anyone else who did the same thing!

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