Oneonta Schools To Be Shut Until At Least Oct. 9

Oneonta Schools

To Be Shut Until

Oct. 9 – At Least

ONEONTA – Oneonta City Schools will remain closed until at least Oct. 9, Superintendent of Schools Thomas Brindley announced on the school’s website.

In posting the district’s Pandemic Reopening Plan, Brindley said that it “remains a work in progress and is subject to change as we await an official announcement from the governor.”

He continued, “Working through the ‘What Ifs’ toward a reopening plan has been incredibly difficult. There are simply NO good options.We all want our students back in our brick and mortar buildings.

“Unfortunately, when school district leaders are being asked to make these decisions based on, among other criteria, how many hospital beds are available in our communities, the decision to reopen a school district takes on a different meaning.”

While not making a decision, he criticized SUNY Oneonta and Hartwick College for doing so: “Having thousands of college students move into our community during a time where we are simply in no better position than we were last March relative to this illness is quite concerning.”

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