Oneonta Woman Arrested For DUI After Otsego Crash

Oneonta Woman Charged

With DUI After Otsego Crash

Deborah Perkins
Deborah Perkins

ONEONTA – An Oneonta woman was arrested for driving while impaired by drugs after she drove her car off Route 28 in the Town of Otsego, state police report.

The suspect is Deborah Perkins, 53. An investigation determined that Perkins was driving while impaired by drugs when she crashed, and a search revealed that she unlawfully possessed about six grams of marijuana, troopers said.

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She was charged with the misdemeanor of operating a motor vehicle while ability impaired by drugs and the violation of unlawful possession of marijuana.

Perkins was issued tickets returnable to the Town of Otsego Court in Fly Creek on June 16.

2 thoughts on “Oneonta Woman Arrested For DUI After Otsego Crash

  1. Anonymous

    There was no crash..i simply fell asleep and went over weeds that were wet, The officer was only concerned because he didn’t realize that in March I had a tractor trailer crash into me and blew my window out, kept on driving, so he assumed that that was a result of the going into the ditch!!! My car had no damage from going into a ditch!!! I have been waiting for $$ to fix my window from a family member who was indirectly at fault for that and if the tractor trailer stopped, I would have been able to get the money from there insurance company, but it kept on going!!! There was no glass in my car!!! As far as the drugs, that is all wrong too! He assumed things, and I have been suffering from depression and am disabled due to it!!! It contributes to my insomnia!! I was lucky and grateful that it didn’t involve another veicle, but I never crossed into another lane!!! So stupid and ruining my life…thank you for that..hope you are happy!!!

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