Otsego Woman Still Missing After Storm

Otsego Woman Still

Missing After Storm

By LIBBY CUDMORE • Special to www.AllOTSEGO.com

Margaret Thayer

OTSEGO – Otsego County sheriff’s deputies are continuing their search for a 60-year-old woman who went missing from her Parslow Road home just before last week’s storms.

Margaret R. Thayer was reported missing March 6 after a friend went over to plow her driveway and saw that she was not home. “Our concern was that she was last seen right before the snowstorm,” said Sheriff Richard J. Devlin Jr. “It’s been snowing consistently since then, which has hindered our ability to search.”

Thayer, a white female with grey hair and hazel eyes, is considered a “vulnerable adult.” According to Devlin, she has medical conditions and mobility issues. She has been known to wander, and deputies have responded to the address before to assist after she locked herself out of her home.

Thayer was last seen in Richfield Springs on March 1.

“We’ve searched within a mile of her home with no results,” he said. “We’ve brought in canines, and we’ve interviewed her family and friends. But every time we think we might get a break, there’s more snow.”

Devlin says the last verified sighting of Thayer was in Richfield Springs on March 1, where she was caught on surveillance video with a caretaker. According to Devlin, the caretaker took her back to her home. “There has been no contact or activity on her accounts,” he said. “But we’re following all leads.”

Anyone with any information about Thayer is asked to call (607) 547-4273.

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