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The People Said No

Editor’s Note:  The column, Money Talk, by Tom Morgan of Franklin, the retired Oneonta investment counselor, is syndicated nationally.  Here is this week’s column.

tom morgan logoWha’ happened?

Did earthquakes churn Europe into rubble?  Did The Plague descend upon Britain?  Did skyscrapers topple? Did the Queen scamper naked ‘round Picadilly Circus?

Europeans are screaming at the Brits. Calling them everything but Nazis.  Half the British are screaming at the other half.  In fact calling them Nazis. What cataclysmic event has brought about such rancor?

The people said no.

What do you mean?

Politicians asked Brits if they wanted to stay in the EU.  They said no.

Is that all?

That’s all.

Well…..Wha’ happened with the Republicans? Leading Republicans call other party members baboons and racists and ignorant and stupid.  For starters.  And Nazis. Big time Republicans are apoplectic. They will spurn the convention. Some are quitting the party. Some call for Republicans to work against the candidate. Yes, some big Republicans want Hillary to win.

What on earth is going on?

The people voted.

Is that all?

That’s all. Seventeen candidates vied for their votes in the primaries. Republican voters chose a guy the leaders did not like. Voted for him in record numbers.

So what is going on here? Presidents and prime ministers told people how to vote. World Bank leaders and top economists and party leaders and commentators and columnists told the people how to vote. Experts and billionaires, CEOs and astrologists and movie stars and elite of every stripe told the people how to vote.

But the people voted otherwise. Majorities did.

All this upset and name calling is nothing more than sour grapes. I take that back. It is more than sour grapes. It is more than their embarrassment. It is that an army of elite important people think the people are peons. Anyone who disagrees with these elite are peons.  In their eyes they are.

George Soros knows how the world should be run.  Richard Branson knows too. If we don’t vote the way they know we should vote they assure us we are ignoramuses. They reckon the UK government should ignore what the people voted for. President Obama knows what is best for the Brits. He went to London to tell them so.

He also knows what is best for us in healthcare. Never, not once, has a majority of the people agreed with him. They don’t know anything, he says. I know better than they do.

He and Hillary know what is best for us when it comes to Bengazi. They concocted lies about it. Because they know what we should hear.  They lied. They ordered others to lie. Lie to the peons.

Our leaders lie to us about how the IRS abuses taxpayers.  They lie to us about how the VA abuses our veterans. They sneak regulations into force they know the people would oppose.  Doesn’t matter.  We are only peons.

All of this inspires a question that just won’t go away. We are peons in the eyes of the elites. They make that clear. So…if our leaders are not beholden to us, the peons, to whom are they beholden?  Who pulls their strings?

We had a congress impose an onerous healthcare system upon people who did not want it. Big majorities did not want it. So who were the legislators beholden to? Certainly not the people.

We are regularly treated to laws a majority of us don’t want. We are battered by regulations we don’t want.  A majority of us don’t.

Various European countries will not ask their voters if they want to stay in the EU.  Because polls tell them majorities want out.

In all these cases leaders are not doing the bidding of the people. So whose bidding are they doing?

From Tom…as in Morgan.

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2 thoughts on “Tom Morgan – The People Said No

  1. Neil McBride

    your column, ALL CRITTERS OF DC was the best thing I have read in my 87 years, keep up the good words, HE’S going to drain the swamp,and the Russian made me vote for him

  2. Randy Vitullo

    Tom Morgan is a warped , uniformed, unintelligent , human being. His latest defense of Trump’s meeting with Putin is complete garbage. He has it all wrong about the twin towers. The Bush admin. Was warned by intelligence. The whitehouse ignored it. Why are pathological liars allowed to sway the options of our society? Tom Morgan should be banned from journalism. He spouts right wing propaganda. He should apply to Fox News where the news isn’t news.

    Randy Vitullo

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