Peterson: Health Needs Outweigh Profits

Letter from Suzanne Peterson

Health Needs Outweigh Profits

Through cardiac rehab, I came to FoxCare gym. The program changed my life after open heart surgery and Guillain-Barré syndrome. Graduating cardiac rehab on December 12, I immediately joined with my husband, paying for a year with lockers.

FoxCare gym is safe. Like so many members, I have illnesses that cause severe discomfort at regular gyms. FoxCare gym is routine, purpose, safe haven. I’m 53, with Celiac disease, chronic nerve pain, anxiety, depression, no balance from GBS, and a compromised immune system. FoxCare equipment is spaced apart, most wear masks, we clean machines. Nurses and physical therapists available for questions add to safety.

There are no good optional gyms. Many people are elderly, have illnesses. We can’t thrive at regular gyms. The gym will stay open for patients anyway; we’re begging you to let us remain. Membership will go up, people are coming back. Closing FoxCare gym has me circling the drain. It’s our only social time. We encourage each other. It helps mind, body, spirit. There’s nowhere else members are this helpful, kind, considerate. Healthy people don’t understand us.

YMCA for me is free; I paid FoxCare. My pharmacy and cardiologist are there. The pharmacy will lose business if this happens. Don’t take this away from those of us with illnesses, the elderly, the swimmers; we are also patients! We’re devastated. Please don’t let money and profit be priority over special health needs.
Thank you for your consideration.

Suzanne Peterson

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