Petition Opposes ‘Sanctuary County’

Petition Opposes

‘Sanctuary County’

Whelan, Wilcox Submit It,

Express Worries About Guns

Mary Anne Whelan raises issues about a “Sanctuary County” for guns. ( photo)

COOPERSTOWN – Two citizens worried the county Board of Representatives might consider declaring Otsego a “Sanctuary County,” eschewing gun-law enforcement, presented a petition with 150 signatures this morning at the reps’ March meeting.

Mary Anne Whelan, the retired Bassett physician, pointed out the U.S. has more guns per capita than any country except Yemen.  As for gun deaths, the U.S. is “second to none,” she said.

Sam Wilcox, Cooperstown, who accompanied her, recounted the NRA mantra that guns aren’t the problem, people are the problem.  “That’s very manipulative on their part,” he said.

In reading the monthly correspondence, Clerk of the Board Carol McGovern said two letters, one bearing 15 signatures, had been received objecting to the idea.

The drive for a “Sanctuary County” was initiated by Kaleb White, an Oneonta sportsman, but it being championed by county Rep. Rick Brockway, R-Laurens.

He had planned to present petitions with “several thousand signatures” today, but decided to introduce a resolution for a “Sanctuary County” in a county board’s committee.  If a committee approved the resolution, it will only need a majority to pass.  If it were introduced on the floor, it would require a 2/3rds majority.

Brockway said “Sanctuary County” advocates are meeting a 2 p.m. Sunday, March 22, at VFW Post 1417 (314 Ellis Road, Laurens) to answer questions about the concept, which is now being pursued by 17 New York counties.


One thought on “Petition Opposes ‘Sanctuary County’

  1. Chip Northrup

    If this “sanctuary” nonsense is other than some hollow political gesture, then the county and the officials involved should be sued for failing to enforce the law.

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