Public Hearing Tonight On Bassett Parking Lot

Public Hearing Tonight

On Bassett Parking Lot

COOPERSTOWN – The Village Board is planning a public hearing on Bassett Hospital’s proposed 150-space parking lot at Susquehanna and Walnut at 7 p.m. this evening during its January meeting.

The plan will require demolition of the four homes now on Riverside Drive.

After the hearing, Mayor Ellen Tillapaugh Kuch said the plan is to complete the SEQRA environmental review, so the plans may be review in February by the H-PARB, Zoning Board of Appeals and Planning Board before the trustees’ February meeting on the 23rd.

Two other hearings, on removing a parking space at 15 River St and on upgrades of Bassett’s existing wireless communications system, are also planned at 7 p.m. in the Village Board meeting room on the lower level at 22 Main St.


2 thoughts on “Public Hearing Tonight On Bassett Parking Lot

  1. Cal Williams

    Seems to me the Basset property on Beaver Street would be a better place for a parking lot. They could tear down the house near the hospital & move those offices into a shared structure and maybe even put up a nice parking garage between the hospital and the old Fox Hall. Why tear down four residence homes when there are taxes on them and we have a housing shortage in the village?

  2. Allan Ahearne

    This parking lot is another band aid without really fixing the parking problem. The answer is a 3 story parking garage where Jane’s deer are kept ( I think years ago the Village nixed this idea but this is NOW ) or at least one whose roof would be even with Susquehanna Ave. landscaped with trees & shrubs. Iriquois Farm could be fenced to include the woods & open grazing land between Co. Rt. 33 & Beaver Meadow Rd.

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