Quarantine Lifted, Removing Obstacle To Tourist Season

Quarantine Lifted,

Removing Obstacle

To Tourist Season

By JIM KEVLIN • Special to www.AllOTSEGO.com

COOPERSTOWN – One of the hurdles to ensuring a successful season for Dreams Park and All Star Village this season is being lifted, Governor Cuomo announced yesterday.

Starting April 1, a three-day quarantine for domestic travel to New York State will no longer be required. (Mandatory quarantine will remain for international travelers.)

Dreams Park is seeking state Health Department approval to open the season June 1, according to the organization’s local attorney, Gar Gozigian.

State Sen. Peter Oberacker, R-Schenevus, hailed the decision, saying: “A significant number of businesses, large and small, depend on out of state visitors and the overreaching quarantine requirements have proved to be a roadblock, effectively closing our borders.  While these restrictions made sense earlier, with more and more people receiving the vaccine and case numbers dropping, it is time to revise our travel rules.

Local businesspeople who depend on the youth-baseball camps have been reporting that the quarantine for anyone arriving in-state was causing parents to enroll their young ballplayers in camps elsewhere; Kentucky was mentioned.

They would rather come to Cooperstown, said Lunetta Swartout, Cooperstown Stays proprietor.

“Coaches have told me, Cooperstown is the pinnacle,” she said. “Why is that? Because they run a top-notch business. An immaculate, clean facility.  And they provide a total experience for teams and families alike.”

One thought on “Quarantine Lifted, Removing Obstacle To Tourist Season

  1. Debra Reed

    It is amazing you never mention Cooperstown Baseball World in any of your articles, even though we have been running our tournaments for over 20 years and bring business to the area as well. What am I missing? It’s quite disappointing to constantly be omitted!

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