questionnaire 2017 — bill hunt


 DISTRICT 2, Morris/Butternuts/Pittsfield


EDUCATION: 1979-1982  University of Miami, Miami Fla., studied History and Political Science, no graduation date

PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE: Real Estate sales, investment and research 1979-present; Insurance Broker and Agent (New York and Florida), 1988-2005

COMMUNITY INVOLVEMENT: Active in Republican Committee, Delaware and Otsego counties.  Have worked on multiple campaigns and causes.

 FAMILY: Married, two step-sons, six grandchildren

 PHILOSOPHY OF GOVERNMENT: Limited government, strict constitutional interpretation, Jeffersonian.  More interested in representation than leadership

MAJOR ISSUES FACING OTSEGO COUNTY:  County manager, Medicare relief, bringing in business and industry.

MY QUALITIES:  Reasonable, willing to work with those who disagree with me.  Passion for good government.  I will do my best to represent all of the people as best I am able, including those I disagree with and who disagree with me.

 STATEMENT: I believe the process is more important than the outcome.  Democratic government is about how we legislate, not simply what we accomplish.  The ends never justify the means.  I have my own ideals and concerns, but in the end, it is the system that matters, not that my ideals and perspectives enjoy some special hegemony.

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