questionnaire — james hoffman




EDUCATION: Army Corp of Engineers, Army Airborne School

PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE: Owner/Operator, Oneonta Redemption Center, South Side Drive, Oneonta

COMMUNITY INVOLVEMENT: School fundraising, Mentoring kids/teens to learn that good work ethics result in what they receive

FAMILY: married , three children

PHILOSOPHY OF GOVERNMENT: Government can’t fix our problems, government is the problem

MAJOR ISSUES FACING OTSEGO COUNTY:  Lack of leadership and direction

MY QUALITIES: Military leadership, family values and common sense !

STATEMENT: Otsego county has all the resources to become a great county again, minus some vital leadership. I-88, a railroad system and a central location in the Northeast are all assets that could and should become better utilized. Our county government seems to cater to special interest groups and not always the needs of the communities.

Public assistance and pacifying a drug problem, yet we can’t afford 24-7 sheriff patrols. The county needs to prioritize and fix these problems not pacify them. Pointing fingers and complaining has not and will not fix anything, good leadership does.

There is only one candidate in District 2 of Otsego County who has the leadership experience of leading soldiers on the field of battle and only one candidate who knows firsthand the problems facing small businesses today after being in business for 10 years.

Unity ,Leadership, Common Sense, and an employment-based direction! That is what we need in this county and that is what I am determined to bring to Cooperstown. Cooperstown, get ready because I’m coming and the people of District 2 are coming with me!

The only way we can fix what’s broken, is by VOTING, Tuesday, Nov. 7. See you there !

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