ROBBINS-SOHNS: Village money should improve lives of villagers


Village money should improve lives of villagers

In regard to the pier in the lake “viewing deck,” I urge the Board of Trustees to stop spending money on tourist attractions. Rather focus on our neglected community. Sidewalks, piers, etc., don’t make a village.

Its people do.

The viewing deck/dock may sound fun, but it provides little to the community. It is not environmentally friendly and poses numerous liability issues, not to mention potentially risking our
water source. Oh, and the maintenance.

Covid-19 had a harsh impact on many members of our community mentally and physically. We have a lack of outdoor play spaces and a lack of areas where older adults have the ability to enjoy children at play. I must point out that the community would greatly benefit if these funds were spent on our children and adults. A better playground, two tennis courts/basketball courts located on the mutually owned village, Clark Foundation and school land. Or even a summer art program by the lake once a week directed by one of our marvelous not-for-profits. We need to focus on building a better community to attract and retain our healthcare workers and serve all walks of life.

The voters and taxpayers are provided so little. Stop looking gift horses in the mouth We are in fact throwing money in the lake!

The people living in the village matter too! Stop broad stroking projects because they feel good. Think about the citizens who probably are most likely unaware of this project as it was not in The Freeman’s Journal.

Let’s serve those who serve us!

Working for mindful spending and a stronger community,

Mary-Margaret E. Robbins-Sohns


2 thoughts on “ROBBINS-SOHNS: Village money should improve lives of villagers

  1. Brian

    I’m from Middlefield, and I really believe Mary-Margaret has made some excellent remarks, comments, about taking care of the community. Your children will someday be running our villages, elections, and maybe our country. Give them learning tools today to help America’s future! Not only Cooperstown but other communities around Otsego county. Tourists come and go after a week, your community members are for life.

  2. Ann

    I also agree with Mary-Margaret. We are overrun with tourists for a short period of the year, and then we are left with very little in the way of amenities for our residents. Although the lake is a beautiful attraction, many of us do not have the means to access it by boat, etc. It would be so wonderful to have a waterfront playground, and some stores that are not just for baseball fans, but would be attractive to people of all kinds. We have so much beauty here, both to share, and enjoy ourselves!

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