Sale of Church and Scott marks end of era

From left, Bill Adsit, David Adsit, retiring Church and Scott owners, with new owner Rob Makofske. (Tara Barnwell/

Sale of Church and Scott marks end of era

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It’s been a family affair since 1950.

David Adsit, owner of Church and Scott Pharmacy, retired Wednesday, Oct. 13. His brother Bill, whom he worked alongside for many years, retired in March.

Their father bought Church and Scott Pharmacy in 1950 from Al Meehan, 71 years ago, when it was at the corner of Main and Pioneer Streets in Cooperstown. It remained there until 1993 when the business moved to State Route 28, in front of Ace Hardware, just outside of the village.

“I’ve enjoyed doing this for the last 41 years. Cooperstown has meant a lot to me and my family,” David said. “It’s been a great community and the support has been incredible. I’ll forever be indebted to our loyal customers and to our staff. Now I will try to do nothing for a while, except, of course, my horseracing.”

Pharmacist Rob Makofske, who has been at Church and Scott since 1993, is buying the store.
“I’m feeling great about this,” he said. “The Adsits worked at this for years. Between them and Bob Smullens, everything that is here is because of them and they’ve given me the opportunity to move the store forward. I’m the sole owner for the moment, but I will be bringing a partner on soon.”

Thomas Adsit, David’s son, will still work at the story as a pharmacy technician.

“Thomas and the entire staff are a huge asset,” Makofske said. “We’re a good team and will carry on the tradition of offering Cooperstown an independent pharmacy and sundries store.”

7 thoughts on “Sale of Church and Scott marks end of era

  1. Jacque Rathbun James

    I’m glad Rob is buying it. I remember all the times as a kid going in the store and your dad and Bob would spoil us. On our birthdays they say pick what ever you want. Take care and enjoy your retirement.

  2. Kevin and Pati

    Congrats to Rob and the Adsit family! Church and Scott has been a rock in the Cooperstown community foundation. Bill and Dave, enjoy your retirement, you’ve earned it. Rob, we know you will continue the great service that Church and Scott is famous for.

    All the best,
    Kevin and Pati Grady

  3. Pat Ryan

    I remember when Al Meehan was the owner and Bill Adsit Sr. worked with him at the store on the corner of Main and Pioneer. So pleased that we will still have Rob and the other familiar faces to serve us…and to the Adsit’s enjoy your retirement.

  4. Steve Bieritz

    Congratulations to all involved! They have been a wonderful team for all these years and I wish the Adsit boys well! Hey couldn’t have found a better professional to sell the business to. Rob is a solid guy and family man and will move the business forward! Bravo! 👍👏👏👏🍾🥂
    Steve Bieritz

  5. Mike & Lisa Makofske

    Bill & Dave, sit back and enjoy, you earned every step of it. And Rob, Congrats. I know you will carry on the church and Scott tradition.

  6. Marilynn Folts

    Congratulations to the Adsit family and to Rob. This seems like a very well deserved plan for all involved. Happy retirement to Bill and David and wishing Rob the best years ahead.

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