Schenevus-Worcester merger voted down in split vote

Worcester Central School would have served grades 6 through 12 had the merger vote been successful. (Facebook)

Schenevus-Worcester merger voted down in split vote

The Schenevus-Worcester merger, which would have combined the Schenevus Central School district into the Worcester Central School district, ended in defeat after a majority of Schenevus district members voted against it, ending a tumultuous two year process that polarized their respective communities.

The results came in late Wednesday night with Schenevus CSD voting 509 against the merger to 254 in favor.

Worcester CSD members voted to approve the merger by 298 to 162.

Both districts needed to vote in favor of the merger in order for it to be successful.

“The voters have made it clear that merger is not the direction they want our district to go at this time, but we look forward to continuing to collaborate with Worcester in the future,” Theresa Carlin, Schenevus Superintendent, said in a statement.

The Schenevus Board of Education can hold a re-vote on the merger in a years time, according to New York State education law. If not, the vote is considered final.

“We are grateful to everyone who participated in this process and shared their feedback, particularly the members of our Merger Study Committee,” Tim Gonzales, Worcester CSD Superintendent, said in a statement. “While we know this outcome will be disappointing to many of those who worked to support the merger, we hope that spirit of support will continue.”







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