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Theresa Carlin

Worcester Decides: We Won’t Take In Schenevus Students

Worcester Decides:

We Won’t Take In

Schenevus Students

By JAMES CUMMINGS • Special to

WORCESTER – Less than a month after the Schenevus Central School Board voted to begin talks with Worcester about tuitioning-out, Worcester Central School turned down the proposal, citing legal issues.

“In the beginning, tuitioning for both sides looked good,” said Worcester superintendent Tim Gonzales. “But as we dug deeper and looked more into the legal side, that’s where it got muddy,” he said.

Schenevus Takes First Step Towards Tuitioning Out

Schenevus Takes 1st Step

Towards ‘Tuitioning Out’

Schenevus Superintendent Theresa Carlin presents her case for “tuitioning out” in middle and high school students in the 2020-21 school year, a move that could save the district $1 million as they continue to assess a merger with Worcester school district. (James Cummings/

By JAMES CUMMINGS • Special to

Tom Snyder said he would prefer that the options, including a tax increase, be left to the taxpayers.

SCHENEVUS – With $150,000 in state aid not coming through and a merger study still not guaranteed, the Schenevus Central school board voted unanimously on a resolution to begin talks with Worcester on “tuitioning out”  middle and high school students.

“We started off the week with a very scary situation,” said District Treasurer Greg Beall. “The state did not give us $150,000 in aid. Fortunately, we received a $180,000 refund from BOCES and now we are funded for this year.”

And Theresa Carlin stressed that next year could be worse. “We don’t know if we’ll be able to function next year,” she said. “There is no indication that we will see additional state aid.”

Schenevus School Board: Tuitioning Out Could Save $1M

Schenevus School Board Says

Tuitioning Out Could Save $1M


SCHENEVUS – Awaiting a merger study, the Schenevus Central School Board will meet tomorrow at 6:30 to vote on a resolution to begin conversations with Worcester about tuitioning-out students for the 2020-2021 school year.

“Tutioning-out is buying a service from another school district instead of supplying that service yourself,” said Schenevus Central School Superintendent Theresa Carlin.

At Meeting, Schenevus Superintendent Urges Merger


At Packed Meeting,

Superintendent Says

Merger Is Best Option

Schenevus Superintendent Theresa Carlin presented three options – merging, tuition-out or dissolving – for the future of the school district tonight at a public meeting in the school’s gymnasium. (James Cummings/

By JAMES CUMMINGS • Special to

Hugh Gallagher’s three children attended Schenevus Central, and he stood up to support of merging with Worcester Central to get more state aid for both schools.

SCHENEVUS — With time and money running out, Schenevus Central School Superintendent Theresa Carlin gave parents three options for their district: Dissolve, tuition-out or merge.

“We cannot sustain ourselves as a K-12 district much longer,” she said at a presentation in the school gymnasium tonight. “Our number one solution is to merge with another district.

But families who came out to the meeting were divided on which of those three choices to make.

Doug Gulotty, a Schenevus resident and former Wilber Bank president who spent 17 years as a board member and whose wife teaches at the school, favors tuitioning-out. “The identity of the school matters,” Gulotty said. “I want everyone to keep an open mind.”

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