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Letter from Nathan Seamon

Gov’t Should Serve the People

I’m running for Town of Columbia supervisor because residents are looking for new leadership, and I’m prepared and committed to deliver that. It is simply time for a change—with new energy, new ideas, new openness, and new personnel.

Like most residents in Columbia, I oppose the proposed Columbia Solar Project. I don’t want to see more than 2,000 acres of land within the town developed by a foreign-owned company with industrial solar panels and a battery storage facility. The loss of up to 15 percent of the land within the town, most of which is considered prime farmland, would be devastating to our rural town and its agricultural history and tradition. The negative consequences it would have on the environment far outweigh the perceived positives. The proposed solar project is not compliant with the town’s laws or comprehensive plan and ignores home rule.

But this is more than just about the Columbia Solar Project—this is about changing the leadership of the town so that, moving forward, residents can feel they have an open line of communication with town government and can have a voice in it. Local government should be proactive in confronting threats to the town and follow the long-term vision of its own comprehensive plan. Most importantly, government should ultimately serve with and for the people.

I grew up on a dairy farm in Richfield Springs, left for college, started my business career, and have since returned to my grandparents’ farm in the Town of Columbia. Growing up on a dairy farm in a small town and later becoming a business owner on a national level has provided me with a unique, well-balanced skillset. These experiences are both relatable and transferable, and have prepared me for the town supervisor position and leading the town in the future.

For the Republicans in Columbia, I respectfully ask you to vote for me as town supervisor in the Republican primary on Tuesday, June 27. Your important primary vote is necessary to secure the Republican ballot line for the November general election. Please get out to vote!

Nathan Seamon
Richfield Springs


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