Senator Seward

MILFORD – Cindy Seward just reported she has spoken to her husband, state Sen. Jim Seward, and he reported the ventilator he was on was removed this afternoon.

“Of course he will still need monitoring, but I thank you all for your outpouring for us!!” she reported.

Seward, who is battling the coronavirus, was put on the ventilator Thursday morning and Albany Medical Center, and was soon showing some signs of improvement.


  1. Kenneth Knutsen

    That’s great news!!! I pray for healing for you both every day.
    Ken Knutsen

  2. Elaine Bresee

    I said he is like Nike he will just do
    It.🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏❤️❤️I will be talking to
    My friend in the future.

  3. Denise Earl

    What a story you will have to tell. To be, or have been, on a ventilator, is a harrowing experience. You may be conscious but are totally under the control of your care givers. You have a tube in your throat and you have no means of communication except, maybe body language; thrashing and eye movement, maybe. You will probably be ‘restrained’, that is, have your wrists tied to the bed rails so that you don’t do what is natural , which is to pull that damnable tube out of your throat. Bravo, Jim, that your breathing was such that you have been liberated from this awful, and yet life-giving, experience…

  4. Yvonne Angell

    I was so saddened to hear Jim (Sen. Seward) was I’ll, but I am soooooo glad he is doing better! Thinking of you Jim (Sen. Seward and all your loved ones. 🙏👍💙

  5. Janet Frankl

    Prayers for Senator and Mrs Seward. So very happy he’s doing better! Janet in Otego

  6. Boyce and Marjorie Rogers

    We both wish you speedy recovery and was pleased with tonight’s news. From the news we get it seems this virus is extremely contagious and hard to escape when, like Jim, you have a leadership role.
    Our best to both.

  7. Charles Bosco

    Dear Senator Seward – Please, Speedy Recovery. You are in our thoughts, and prayers. Two of your many, many, constituents. Sharon and Charles Bosco, Morris, N.Y.

  8. Emi and Ted Gaisford

    Good news, our prayers are with you and Cindy at this most tying time. May God Bless you and your family.

  9. Elizabeth Boise

    Howard and I are so happy to hear Sen. Seward is off the ventilator and doing better. God Bless you and your family.

  10. Marie Guerra

    Praise God for giving you the strength to fight this terrible virus and that strength to continue fighting thru your cancer battle.

  11. Kathleen Mami Moore

    Sending prayers for a quick recovery to both Jim and Cindy they are very special people happy to hear that Jim is Doing better

  12. Nicholas C Mangano

    So happy to hear this great news!

    Wishing him and his family all the best and a speedy recovery!

  13. Kathleen Gallusser

    Praise the Lord! The best thing we can do through this time is pray. That’s what many of us have been doing ,…all day , all night. Praying for complete recovery . Kathleen Gallusser

  14. Vincenzo Avanzato

    Jim happy that your doing better ! Stay strong my friend! Cindy our prayers are with you all . Our love to you the Avanzato’s!!!!

  15. Joanne and jim crum

    Great news Jim and Cindy!!prayers continue and best wishes for a speedy and full recovery!!

  16. Norman Bucklad

    Salute to you Jim, you are one strong individual, that’s why we elected you to show us the way, but I never wanted it to be like this….Thank You For Hanging In There….
    Norm Bucklad

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