Shelter Seeks Foster Family For Puppies, Mom

Susquehanna SPCA Seeks

Foster For Puppies, Mom

A surrendered dog gave birth to six puppies overnight at the Susquehanna SPCA, and now the shelter is looking for a foster family to take in the mother, Jasmine, and her brood until the puppies are old enough to be adopted out. According to Becca Daly, communications coordinator, the ideal foster would be a quiet home, with no other pets or young children, and would be able to bring the dogs back to the shelter as necessary for medical appointments and checkups. Also, they should have experience with owning dogs but this isn’t a definite requirement. If you think you can learn quickly and will be able to get care advice from a site like this UK dog blog then you will be able to apply too. If you’ve owned dogs but not puppies then it would be worth educating yourself on the best ways to care them as well.

Daly, at right, said the dogs, including Jasmine, are all in good health and will be available for adoption after the puppies are weaned, usually 8-10 weeks. Executive Director Stacie Haynes said that the owners did not tell them Jasmine was pregnant when they surrendered her last week, and when she came in this morning, she found the new puppies. The puppies don’t seem to be suffering from any medical conditions either but regular check-ups will be needed, just to monitor their weight and other basics. Once the pups are older, they will be able to be adopted to other homes. To volunteer, call (607) 547-8111 ext 100. (Jim Kevlin/


4 thoughts on “Shelter Seeks Foster Family For Puppies, Mom

  1. Eileen Himes

    More puppies. Momma not spayed. Dump poor Momma and her brood at the shelter for everyone else to take care of. Irresponsible owners make me so angry. God bless Susquehanna Shelter for the wonderful, caring work they do. Please people, SPAY & NEUTER YOUR DOGS AND CATS!

  2. Shari Adams

    I am looking for a lab and filled in an application this fall. But we have other animals in the home. Could I be able to adopt the mom after pups are weaned?

  3. Maryanne Ogden

    Why did they surrender her she’s beautiful? So sad and heartless. If I didn’t have two labs already I would definitely foster them. I hope they get adopted into a good home. ❤?

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