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Smiles, Mittens, The Keys To

Successful Kettle Campaign

"Smile, be friendly and courteous. What you are doing is important." says Major Sharon Harford who prepped this year's bell ringing volunteers on the proper etiquette for manning the kettles. The kettles, a familiar sight (and sound) of the holiday season, is the largest fundraiser for the Salvation Army church every year, with this year's goal being $53,000, which will be used to help people throughout the year. The first kettles will appear on Nov. 12th around the area.(Ian Austin/
“Smile, be friendly and courteous. What you are doing is important. But, wear mittens, it can get cold out there!” says Major Sharon Harford, who prepped this year’s bell ringing volunteers on the proper kettle etiquette at the Salvation Army Church this afternoon. The kettles, a familiar sight (and sound) of the holiday season, are the Army’s largest annual fundraiser, with this year’s local goal being $53,000, which will help people in need throughout the year.    The first kettle has been set up at J.C. Penney in Southside Mall, will greater deployment planned on on Nov. 12, with a full time presence after Thanksgiving. (Ian Austin/


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