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Letter from Lori Solensten

Kudos to OLT for Crumhorn Effort

Thank you for your informative article and inspiring editorial about the former scout camp on Crumhorn Lake in your paper last week.

I have been fortunate to have lived across the lake from the camp since 1981 and love the peaceful nature of the land and the motorless lake. For decades, the Crumhorn Lake Association and Boy Scout camp posted “Crumhorn Courtesy” signs around the lake, inviting the community to enjoy the lake in a quiet and respectful manner. Neighbors would come to swim, kayak and fish. Others would come to ride their horses or take a walk. We all loved when the scouts arrived for the summer, had their campfires, canoe regattas and “Order of the Arrow” ceremonies. Most of us on the lake had generations of family members who were both scouts and scout leaders.

When the camp closed several years ago, we were both saddened and concerned. The possibility of the camp property being protected through a conservation easement through the Otsego Land Trust was such welcome news! Now we all need to join together to request that some of the funds approved in the Environmental Bond Act last year be allocated to save this sacred land in Otsego County. Thank you for raising awareness of this opportunity.

Lori Solensten
Crumhorn Lake


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