Stop Coup, Lyndon Larouche Adherents Say In Coop Protest

Stop Coup, Lyndon Larouche

Adherents Say In Coop Protest

Adherents of LaRouchePac 2018, “The Campaign to Win the Future,” are distributing literature at this hour in front of the Cooperstown CVS on Chestnut Street. “We’re trying to stop the coup,” said Christopher Sare of Bogota, N.J., right. “They’re trying to remove an elected president of the United States.” With him is Myles Robinson of Massachusetts. (Jim Kevlin/

5 thoughts on “Stop Coup, Lyndon Larouche Adherents Say In Coop Protest

  1. Anonymous

    agree or not…you don’t want the prodigal and process of a investigation? WHY?
    Be more concerned about repealing “Citizens United” … this has undermined an usurped the PEOPLES control within our government!

  2. Sean Kingsbury

    I’m thrilled a few bored, clinically brainwashed, myopic douche-bags are taking such an interest in community Civics. I only wish they’d show so much fervor for issues that directly effect the community at large. If they Actually cared about anything, besides their fallacy of “Patriotism,” they’d be doing something that matters to actual human beings, instead of pandering to a blight they can’t begin to understand.

  3. Arthur Murphy

    Very cool! I’m sure nothing quite so thought-provoking has happened in Cooperstown since James Fenimore Cooper wrote “The Bravo!”

  4. mike saunders

    Lyndon Larouche is a 96 year old cult leader,con artist and credit card fraudster who went to prison for his scams. He tried suing the ADL for defamation and lost with the NY State Supreme Curt ruling ti was completely fair to characterize him as an “anti-seimite”. The Larouchies politics are whacked out and constantly shifting from far left to far right to try and hustle anyone who will hand over their money. I seriously doubt Larouche is even alive. More likely, he’s getting the L. Ron Hubbard treatment. They made sure he died at home and buried the body without notifying authorities so they can keep this fraud running as long as possible.

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