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Otsego communities struggle with housing needs

Otsego communities
struggle with housing needs

By KEVIN LIMITI • Special to

Affordable and available housing remains an issue in Otsego County in general, but particular issues have come up recently in both Cooperstown and Oneonta.

However, both areas are doing their part to amend this issue. Although there has been some backlash, elected officials acknowledge the necessity of creating affordable housing in the area.

A planned development at 10 Chestnut St. in Cooperstown is being considered by the village’s boards.

Francesca Zambello, who partnered with Josh Edmonds of Simple Integrity on the Chestnut Street project, described herself as a “concerned citizen” who was worried about the “really dire housing situation.” Zambello and Edmonds own three connecting lots and have formed their own company, not associated with Glimmerglass or Simple Integrity, to build on the site.

Zoning laws exist for a reason

Zoning laws exist for a reason

To ALL Cooperstown Villages Residents regarding the 10 Chestnut Street project:

Zoning laws are to protect one’s investment and quality of life in a community. When zoning laws are allowed to be exceeded with “special permits,” it weakens the law.

The 10 Chestnut Street project is zoned residential and historical.

Does this project qualify for the quaint small town atmosphere that residents and visitors from around the world expect? The project exceeds the zoning laws in several categories.

It is a nice façade to a behemoth building in that space? Consider: 13 apartments with 21 rooms on 0.33 acre and 0.14 acre, 21 parking spaces, with no visitor parking and no place for children to play.
Have those that have written or are voicing their support of the project considered the quality of life and investments of others?

This is a slippery slope. Where will the next project be? In what neighborhood?

Let us make it clear. We are not opposed to development of this property within the zoning laws which were rewritten just two years ago!

We would enthusiastically welcome this!

We are for zoning laws that protect our quality of life and investment AND YOURS!

Jack and Gayle Smith


12 Unit ‘The Grove’ Rattles Cooperstown Neighbors

12 Unit ‘The Grove’ Rattles

Cooperstown Neighbors

A dismayed Ted Spencer, retired Hall of Fame curator and vice president, who lives on upper Main Street, urges the Village Board not to approve an apartment house in the neighborhood. (Jim Kevlin/

By LIBBY CUDMORE • Special to

COOPERSTOWN – The 12-unit The Grove apartment complex – unprecedented in Cooperstown – just surfaced, but neighbors packed the Village Board’s monthly meeting Monday, June 24, to denounce it.

“We are shocked and deeply disappointed that the village would consider a 12-unit apartment complex within a block of primarily single-family homes,” said Sherrie Kingsley, co-owner of The Inn at Cooperstown with husband Marc. “Is there really a need for more housing in Cooperstown?

“Surely there are locations in other areas of the village or the outskirts of the village that would provide a much better fit for an apartment complex if one is truly needed,” she said.

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