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BOUND VOLUMES July 12, 2020


July 12, 2020


The pirates in the Persian Gulph have been wholly defeated by the English; the pirates amounted to 6,000 men; but 1,400 English troops landed at Rasul Kimaz, their principal seat on the Arabian shore, and gained possession of the town in about four hours. The enemy was severely cut up, and gave away in every direction, and the town was given up to plunder.

June 9, 1810


Two Negroes were recently burned to death in Mobile, Alabama, for the murder of two children under aggravating circumstances. The laws of the country had never conceived
that crimes could be perpetrated with such peculiar circumstances of barbarity, and had therefore provided no adequate punishment. Their lives were justly forfeited to the laws of the country, but the peculiar circumstances demanded that the ordinary punishment should be departed from – they were seized, taken to the place where they had perpetrated the act, and burned to death.

June 8, 1835


It is already well known that the Newspaper Express on the Hudson River has proved a complete success. We now learn that the New York Central has under consideration and will probably submit to the Government a proposition to carry the great United States mail from New York to Cincinnati and Chicago at a rate of speed heretofore unparalleled in the history of railroading, at least in this country. It is proposed to leave New York at 3 or 4 o’clock a.m. with the mail and New York papers, and reach Cincinnati at 3 o’clock a.m. the following morning, and Chicago at 5 or 6 o’clock a.m. Businessmen would receive their correspondence from New York twenty-four hours in advance of the present mail arrangement.

June 8, 1860


The origin of Memorial Day at the north is a matter of inquiry. John B. Murray was a lawyer and a native of Vermont; at the opening of the Civil War he resided in this state and entered the service as Captain in the 50th New York Volunteers. He rose gradually in command, and in 1865 was brevetted Brigadier General. He was the originator of the Decoration Day observances in the northern states. In the winter of 1867-1868, when in the south, he noticed the touching rite of the decoration of soldiers’ graves by the ladies, and deeply impressed with the beauty and solemnity of this custom, he instituted a similar one at his home when he returned in 1868. He died on October 8, 1884, and his remains were followed to the grave by a large number of veterans.

June 13, 1885


Topics of Cooperstown – Lung Fook is the latest addition to the laundry of Ah Choy. He, like the others in Choy’s laundry, has been “Americanized” by the loss of his queue.
The new parlor in the Hotel Fenimore is a dream. The side walls are artistically tinted, new pictures adorn them, a fine Brussels rug, newly upholstered chairs and new writing tables have been added. Just peep in there if you want to see something really fine.

June 11, 1910


Where Nature Smiles – The Meadowbrook Steeplechase Handicap at Belmont Park on Saturday was won by Mr. F. Ambrose Clark’s eight-year-old gelding Irish Bullet, favored in a field of six. Irish Bullet, perfectly ridden by F. Bellhouse, won practically as he pleased after setting the pace most of the way and after he had reached Mrs. C.V. Whitney’s Rideaway into the ground.
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Carlton Clark have issued invitations to the marriage of their daughter, Elizabeth Scriven Clark, to Mr. Henry Richardson Labouisse, Saturday, June 29, at 12 o’clock, Eastern Standard Time, at Christ Church, Cooperstown. Immediately following the ceremony a reception will take place at Fernleigh, the home of the bride’s parents here.

June 12, 1935


The Otsego County District Attorney’s office is handling the case involving vandalism caused by skateboarding in St. Mary’s Roman Catholic Church Hall. Rev. John Sise said parishioners noticed some vandalism recently. Skateboarding in the hall has caused damage to floors, walls and tables. Last week, Sise said he saw three youths walking between the Catholic Church and the neighboring Baptist Church heading for the Parish Hall. He was able to seize one of the youths but the other two made off over the fence.

June 13, 1990


Otsego Lake has its secrets, many of which pertain to the lake’s marine biology. Other secrets of “The Glimmerglass” can be traced to human activity. Last Thursday, the lake yielded one of its human secrets. Lee Ferrara, a diver working for the biological field station on a research project was 500 yards north of the Cooperstown Country Club and about 50 yards offshore in relatively shallow water when he came upon a large device lying on its side and partly submerged in loose silt on the lake bottom. Ferrara, with the help of fellow divers Jeff Opar, Dale Webster and Paul Lord eventually recovered and brought to shore a contraption that resembled a cross between a bicycle, a boat, and a sled with flotation tanks attached. A chassis similar to a bicycle with a seat and handlebars is mounted on a sled-like base. A gear wheel turned by a crank with wooden bicycle pedals drives a marine propeller assembly to the rear. Flotation cans are attached to the front and rear along with a front rudder. “I haven’t seen anything like it before,” Bill Harman, biological field station director, said, noting that finding artifacts in the lake is a common occurrence. “But finding this artifact was quite out of the ordinary.”

June 9, 2000

10 Years Ago

CCS junior Adrian Lynch woke up six weeks ago to find “two guns pointed at my face.” Two village police officers handcuffed him and dragged him downstairs, where his landlord and roommate were handcuffed as well. When Lynch, who is black, asked what was going on, “nobody could give me an answer,” he told 150 people gathered in CCS’ Sterling Auditorium Tuesday, June 8.
A woman officer advised him there had been talk that he was selling drugs, but there has been no report of any charges being filed. Lynch told his story during “Broadening the Horizon: Reconciliation Across Differences,” the second of two presentations that grew out of a Good Friday shooting at Main and Fair streets.

June 11, 2010

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