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BOUND VOLUMES: February 25, 2021


February 25, 2021


At a meeting of the inhabitants of the Town of Otsego, held at Captain Stephen North’s, William Sprague, Chairman and Isaac Williams, Secretary, the following nominations were made: William Sprague, Supervisor, George Pomeroy, Town Clerk; Ambrose Clark, Buckingham Fitch, Israel Loomis, Assessors; Buckingham Fitch, Israel Loomis, Postmasters; Hezekiah Loomis, Abraham Van Horne, William McCrombie, Commissioners of Highways; John H. Prentiss, Abraham Van Horne, Issac Williams, Commissioners of Schools; Stephen Williams, Constable and Captain, Ira Janner, Constant Sherman, John LaRow, Elijah Gardner, Constables.

February 26, 1821

BOUND VOLUMES: February 18, 2021


February 18, 2021


Perjury – A fellow by the name of Herrrington was indicted and tried at the Court of General Sessions held in this Village (Cooperstown) on February 8, 1821, on the charge of Perjury, for having sworn in a vote for Governor at the last election, without possessing any freehold estate. He was convicted and sentenced to seven years hard labor in the State Prison. Thus, one man at least, has paid dear for the attempt to make Mr. Tompkins Governor.

February 19, 1821

BOUND VOLUMES: February 4, 2021


February 4, 2021


Joseph Findlay Smith of Baltimore and Adolph Lacost of New York, commanders of the schooners Plattsburgh and Science, captured in April last, on the African coast, by the U.S. ship Cyane, Capt. Trenchard, and convicted before the Circuit Court of the United States, held in Boston last November, of violations of the laws prohibiting the slave trade, were sentenced on January 26 to five years imprisonment and to pay a fine of $3,000 each.
Napoleon Bonaparte, having been born on February 5, 1768, will be 53 years of age this day. True, to us Americans, it is not a matter of much moment – yet there can be no harm in the bare mention of it.

February 5, 1821

BOUND VOLUMES: January 28, 2021


January 28, 2021


“Gather up the fragments that remain, that nothing be lost.” The exemplification of this moral is perpetually occurring on the most common objects of daily attention. The very paper on which I am now writing, affords me an example. A little while ago it was clipped off from an old garment, a useless rag. Betty would have swept it to the door. But the industrious rag man took it up and gave it to the paper-maker who returned to me the in a new form, no less pleasing than useful. My gentle friends, in obedience to the Great Master, gather up the fragments which remain; the little piece of cloth which falls from your scissors, may become the means of carrying the light of the knowledge of the Glory of God to far distant and benighted lands.

January 29, 1821

BOUND VOLUMES: January 21, 2021


January 21, 2021


Letter to the Overseer of the State Prison at Auburn Village from Utica – “Dear Sir: I have been informed that there is a young woman in prison for which her father offers the sum of $3,000 to the person who will marry her. If that be the case, I want you to see her father and have him write to me as soon as possible. If he writes to him direct, his letter is to be left at Cazenovia Village Post Office as I shall be there by the 25th. I was lately from Vermont on my journey to Illinois. I have had bad luck and got out of money and heard them speak of this girl, and I concluded I would marry her, if that was the truth. I wish to have you write as soon as possible. Direct your letter to Cyrus Crumb – this from me to the State Prison at Auburn Village.”

January 15, 1821

BOUND VOLUMES: January 7, 2021


January 7, 2021


The Florida Treaty – The Treaty ceding Florida to the United States has been officially communicated to Mr. Rush, the American Minister in London. Don Manuel de Barros, who is attached to the Spanish Legation to the United States, is arriving at the House of the Spanish Consul at Bordeaux, with the Treaty for the Cession of the Floridas which had been ratified by the Cortes. A letter from Bordeaux, received at Paris on November 7, says he will embark immediately in the ship Rapid of New York for Philadelphia.

January 8, 1821

BOUND VOLUMES: December 31, 2020


December 31, 2020


Quarantine – The experience of the past year has furnished additional evidence of the security afforded to the public health by the proper administration of quarantine laws.
Out of 365 vessels which arrived in the port of New York from ports infected with Yellow Fever, 107 had cases of this disease on board either in the port of departure, or on their passage, or were found on their arrival here to have some of their crew or passengers sick with it. The total number of cases was 170, out of which 112 died.
Twenty-six cases from vessels under quarantine were admitted to the West Bank Hospital, only six of which proved fatal. Thirty vessels have been detained at quarantine on account of small pox, having an aggregate of over 18,000 persons on board from among whom 66 patients, sick with this disease, were sent to the hospital on Blackwell’s Island.
These statistics of disease show the dangers to which we are exposed through our foreign commerce.

January 5, 1871


Cooperstown has acquired two institutions during the year 1920 which will be recognized by everyone as acquisitions of importance. The opening here in September of the Knox School was the event of the most importance. The purchase of Doubleday Field, the birthplace of baseball, was a Chamber of Commerce accomplishment. It was a Chamber of Commerce project and too much praise cannot be given the committee which had charge of the matter. This project is still a field for much work.

January 5, 1921

75 Years Ago

In Cooperstown – Patrons at Smalley’s Theatre were thrilled with pictures of the National Museum of Baseball and Hall of Fame, which appeared on the regular Paramount Pictures News Reel.
Attorney Theodore P. Feury has purchased of Mrs. Nola G. Warren, her house and lot on Susquehanna Ave. and takes immediate possession.
David J. McGown, a student at Yale University, is at the home of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. F. Hamilton McGown at their home on Pine Blvd. for the holiday vacation.

January 2, 1946


Donald Scott Tabor, 20, of Cooperstown was killed and Mary Jean Hopkins, his fiancée, was injured early New Year’s morning at 3:45 a.m. when their car rammed a concrete and steel bridge abutment over Red Creek in Bowerstown. Mr. Tabor, an employee of the Victory Supermarket for the last five years, was planning to enter the armed forces on January 14.

January 6, 1971


A total of 165 students from this area are included in the annual edition of “Who’s Who — Among American High School Students – 1994-1995.” From Cooperstown High School: Garrett Ellsworth, Lauren Groff, Melissa P. Hazzard, Cassandra A. Linn, Reid Nagelschmidt, Lisa N. Senchyshyn, Meghan L. Gallery, Timothy W. Hayes, Erica Hollister, Karen A. Muehl, Alexis Olson, and Laurie Warner.

January 7, 1996


Three Otsego County people died of heroin overdoses in 2010. “There are hundreds of thousands of dollars of heroin here in Otsego County,” Judge Brian R. Burns told a full house in the Otsego County Courthouse on New Year’s Day, shortly after he was sworn in for a second ten-year term. “I can’t emphasize enough how much that’s changed,” he continued. “Heroin was simply not a problem. It’s going to be the biggest problem in the next ten years.”

January 6, 2011

BOUND VOLUMES: December 24, 2020


December 24, 2020


A New Kind of Bed: These beds are made of the husks of Indian Corn in the following manner – So soon as they are ripe, the husks should be gathered when they are dry and in a clear air. The outer hard husks are to be rejected and the softer inner ones to be fully dried out in the shade. Cut off the hard end formerly attached to the cob and draw the husk through a hatchel, or suitably divide it with a coarse comb. The article is now fit for use. It can be put in an entire sack as straw is, or to be formed into a mattress, as prepared hair is, of any size and thickness you please. This material is sweet, pleasant and durable, lasting from five to ten years. Two invalids, who have used them for eight years past in this
neighborhood, unite in saying that those who have once tried a bed of this kind, will wish no other winter or summer.

December 25, 1820

BOUND VOLUMES: December 17, 2020


December 17, 2020


Congressional Investigation of the Slave Trade: “Resolved, That the President of the United States be requested to lay before this House (of Representatives) any correspondence that he does not deem it inexpedient to disclose, which may have existed between the Executive of the United States and the governments of any of the maritime powers of Europe, in relation to the African slave trade.”
Military Academy: That the Secretary of War be directed to lay before the House, as soon as is practicable, a statement shewing the aggregate amount that has been expended on the Military Academy at West Point, in the State of New York, from the establishment of the same to the present time, in the erection of buildings, barracks, repairs and materials for the same; also the aggregate amount that has been expended in pay, substance and clothing, of the teachers, officers and cadets, that are or have been at the Academy, up to the present time.

December 18, 1820

BOUND VOLUMES: December 10, 2020


December 10, 2020


Village Ordinance: “That the owner of every dwelling-house, office, shop or store, shall provide on or before the first Day of October next, under the penalty of one dollar for neglect or refusal so to do, one Leather Fire Bucket for every two fire places in each and every dwelling house, office, shop, or store; and that each dwelling house, shop or store, that may have but one fire place, shall nevertheless furnish and provide one fire bucket, and that the said fire buckets may be easily obtained at all fire alarms, it shall be the duty of such owners to place or suspend the said fire buckets in the most convenient place therefor. And further, it shall be the duty at every fire alarm, to place or cause to be placed, such bucket without the door for use.” The Trustees expect every citizen will be prepared to exhibit his fire bucket as required by the above ordinance, on the fifteenth of December inst., at which time they will inspect each house, store, office, etc. and in case of non-compliance the penalty may be expected to be enforced.

December 11, 1820

BOUND VOLUMES: December 3, 2020


December 3, 2020


Thanksgiving — Wednesday next is the day recommended by the Chief Magistrate of this State to be set apart for Public Thanksgiving and Prayer to Almighty God. The inhabitants of this County, being principally emigrants from New England, and accustomed to venerate the examples of their forefathers, it is presumed a recommendation so consonant with their practices, will meet with the most respectful consideration, and that setting aside the things of time and sense, they will, with one heart, join in devout aspirations of prayer and thanksgiving, for the innumerable mercies and benefactions of their common Father in Heaven.

December 4, 1820

BOUND VOLUMES: November 26, 2020


November 26, 2020


Land for Sale Low: One Farm of 44 and three-quarter acres of excellent land lying in Richfield, Otsego County, on the Hamilton and Skaneateles Turnpike road leading from Richfield to Skaneateles, on which is a good framed house and barn, a fine young orchard which bears fruit sufficient for a family’s use. The fences are in good repair and 30 acres of which are under good improvement; and lies near the center of the Town. Also, one other Farm of 83 and five eighth acres of as good soil of land as any in the same section of the County, situated on the Third Great Western Turnpike from Albany to Buffalo, by way of Cherry Valley and Cazenovia, on which is a good house and barn, wood-house, cow-house, and other out buildings, to make it a delightful home for a good farmer.

November 27, 1820

BOUND VOLUMES: November 12, 2020


November 12, 2020


We are indebted to the politeness of Mr. Luca, the Deputy Marshal authorized to take the Census of this County, for the following statement of the population of this Village (Cooperstown): 371 Free White Males; 387 Free White Females; 1 Male Slave; 2 Female Slaves; 6 Free Colored Males; 16 Free Colored Females; Total population 783.
Female Fashion: The Weatherfield Grass Bonnet, which obtained a premium at the Hartford Fair, has been sent to New York, where it was examined by a great number of merchants and others who are well acquainted with and engaged in the sale of Leghorn Bonnets, who pronounced it equal if not superior to the finest imported Leghorns. It is said that the sale of Leghorn Bonnets in the City of New York alone amounts to not less than half a million of dollars.

November 13, 1820

BOUND VOLUMES: November 5, 2020


November 5, 2020


Comments upon remarks made in response to an address by the Hon. Daniel Webster: “In the course of his remarks, Mr. W. stated, that since the commencement of the government, there had been paid into the Treasury through the Custom House, 350,000,000, while only $35,000,000 had been received from other sources, and that with much discontent. It was not the ship owner or ship builder merely, who had affected so much, but Commerce, by acting upon and enriching the Agriculture of the country, by calling into activity, all the capital, and exciting all the activity and enterprise of the country, had given to the whole people an ability to contribute to the revenue; and it had also afforded an easy and convenient mode for its collection.”

November 6, 1820

BOUND VOLUMES: October 29, 2020


October 29, 2020


“Presidential Election” as copied from “The National Intelligencer” – The election of the President and Vice-President of the United States comes on with so gentle an aspect, and with a step so light, that its approach is scarcely noticed. It is a circumstance certainly which ought to give much satisfaction that a period has arrived, for the second time under this government, when an individual has administered the duties of the office of President for one term, and possesses so entirely the confidence of the whole nation, as that no opposition to his re-election is even thought of. It is an incident auspicious to the duration of our system of government, favorable to the stability and consistency of our democratic policy; and honorable to the character of the public. (Ed. Note: U.S. President James Monroe)

October 30, 1820

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