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Rebel Flag Ominous To Many; Do We Want It At Fairs? NO!


Rebel Flag Ominous To Many;

Do We Want It At Fairs? NO!

To the Editor:

Jennifer Hill’s article “… A Matter of Freedom,” raised the issue of whether Confederate flags should be marketed at county fairs such as ours, in Morris.

One side of the issue is well stated there. The vendor quoted was a reasonable individual who articulated the rights of all citizens to symbolically express themselves with displays of flags. There is “more and more buying both the rebel flag and the American flag together,” he remarked.

Historically, Confederate flags have symbolized support for slavery and secession from the USA. Most recently the flag in question has become a symbol that inspires defiance by Alt-Right and White Nationalist groups that promote random violence against non-white people.

Recall the photos of Dylan Roof in Charleston, S.C., and recent mass murders in other American cities. Just as the Nazi flag is seen as a dangerous perversion of contemporary German nationalism, the Confederate “rebel” flag is now ominous for many of us, a symbolic perversion of American nationalism.

No one should question the Constitutional right of individuals in this country to possess or display confederate flags: They still mean many things to different people.

Rather, given the context of increased polarization and mass murders by domestic terrorists, the question is simply: Do we want our county fair(s) to permit the display and sale of Confederate flags? For many of us here, as in Delaware County and throughout the state, the answer is NO!



Egg-Hunting Throngs Descend On Hyde Hall

Egg-Hunting Throngs

Descend On Hyde Hall

The Easter Bunny himself, top photo, greets hundreds of Easter-egg hunters – possibly a record turnout – at the Hyde Hall National Landmark mansion on Otsego Lake this morning for the annual Easter Egg hunt. In past years, staff received up to 500 advance queries; this year, it was 1,000. In bottom left photo, Hunter Pasek, Fly Creek, had filled his bucket with eggs in what seemed like seconds. Bottom right, two cousins, Max Horvath of Cooperstown and Marina Tompkins of Broadalbin, found the two huge prize Easter eggs. (Jim Kevlin/
Katz: Allstadt, Tillapaugh ‘Incredible’ Trustees

Katz: Allstadt, Tillapaugh ‘Incredible’ Trustees

To the Editor:

The Village of Cooperstown is incredibly fortunate to have Ellen Tillapaugh and Lou Allstadt run for re-election. They are two of the finest trustees to have ever served the village. Their dedication, intelligence, open-mindedness and knowledge of village government and issues have resulted in profoundly positive results.

To have someone of Lou’s corporate experience and talent serve the village is almost hard to believe. On the Finance & Personnel Committee, his ability to analyze our organization has resulted in a more streamlined, less costly government. As chair of the Buildings Committee and member of the Streets Committee, his management and oversight skills have improved how the village works on many issues, but no more so than in the commitment to fixing Village Hall at 22 Main St. On the Economic Development & Sustainability Committee, Lou’s leadership in energy efficiency and new ways of approaching our traditional ways of doing things has resulted in huge savings to the village, as well as a fresh and positive reputation for Cooperstown that has garnered national attention.

For decades before she was elected as trustee in 2011, Ellen Tillapaugh was the epitome of community service. She was the second female president of the Cooperstown Rotary Club and involved in more community activities than I can list here. As a trustee and deputy mayor (beginning in 2013), Ellen has brought invaluable insight to all of her roles, especially as chair of Finance and Personnel, Parks and Public Safety. Her knowledge of the village, where we’ve been and where we need to go, has been a major reason why, since her election, the village has moved forward in such positive ways.

It is undeniable that the Village of Cooperstown’s budget has never been healthier, that more work is being done at a quicker pace, that we are being awarded more grants and that an incredible amount of constructive change has occurred. The village is  in a much better place now financially and with its infrastructure because the Board of Trustees is productive, creating a more efficient, less costly government. None of this would have happened without Lou Allstadt and Ellen Tillapaugh. Please vote for them on Election Day.



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