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Lofts On Dietz Parking, Energy Raised As Issues

Lofts On Dietz’s

Parking, Energy

Raised As Issues

SEQRA To Start Next Month;

Groundbreaking Next Summer

Addressing the city Planning Commission, from left, were Michael Stolzer and Mark Drnek, who raised concerns about parking; David Hutchison, who called for net-zero energy use in the proposed Lofts on Dietz, and weaver Liz Shannon, who asked if the size of the proposed units – about 800 square feet for single units and 1,000 for doubles – was sufficient; Kearney’s reply appeared to satisfy her. Mayor Herzig is at right. (Jim Kevlin/

By JENNIFER HILL • Special to

Developer Ken Kearney outlines the project. Behind him is Dave Ohman from Delaware Engineering. At right, Planning Commission member Dan Maskin listens.

ONEONTA – Two citizens raised concerns about parking – a third called for “net zero” energy efficiency – when developer Ken Kearney outlined plans for a 64-unit art colony, The Lofts on Dietz, to the city Planning Commission last evening.

Vice Chair Overbey presided.

“As an artist, the building is an excellent concept, one we should embrace,” said Michael Stolzer, who lives in the Town of Oneonta but owns rental properties in the city.  “But parking spaces are valuable.  It seems kind of on the absurd side to build it on the parking lot.”

Mayor Gary Herzig saw it another way: “I truly hope we have a real parking problem, because it will mean we’re thriving and our businesses are successful,” he said as the meeting wrapped up.

Ask Mark Davies About His 6 Goals

Ask Mark Davies

About His 6 Goals

To the Editor:

Please help to put Mark Davies, the top candidate for Common Council from Ward 2, on the Nov. 5 Ballot by voting in the primary, noon-9 p.m., Tuesday, June 5, at Foothills.

His June 25 opponent is already on the Republican line for the Nov. 5 ballot. Mark needs your vote on June 25 to win his line on the Nov. 5 General Election ballot.   Let me know if you need a ride.

Mark is by the far the most qualified and energetic candidate for the Ward 2 seat. He has served the city and Greater Oneonta on five groups related to the development of the city and initiating environmentally sound policies, such as area-wide composting of waste, ways of saving and introducing clean energy, ways of introducing sustainable practices contributing in long range planning for the city, and ways of supporting challenging athletic programs for youth such as soccer and biking,

As a member of the city Environmental Board, I have watched Mark, who is chair, work with other board members and the community to bring to fruition things like the Community Gardens, to obtain grants to reduce the city’s energy consumption, and to support bringing a few hundred high school students and their families to Oneonta two weekends ago for a biking competition (good for local businesses).

When Mark stops by your house in the next week, ask him about his six goals for the City.

Mark might not tell you this, but his real skill is working with people of all political interests as long as they are interested in working for the betterment of the city, its youth and older citizens.

As a professor at Hartwick College, Mark knows younger folks and has involved them in the sustainability efforts of the city, helping to bring students in contact with other city residents.

Make sure your neighbors in Ward 2 vote too on Tuesday, June 25. It is important!



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