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Brides Flout Stain Risks To Enjoy Tempting Treat

Brides Flout Stain Risks

To Enjoy Tempting BBQ


ONEONTA – Nikki Bower reminds you to always eat barbeque with care.“I’m not a girly-girl, so wearing a wedding dress all day was hard for me,” she joked. “I was trying to eat responsibly, but I got barbeque sauce all down the front of my dress!”

Nikki Bower knows sometimes good food can be messy. She and husband Sean, right, were early local adopters of a growing barbeque wedding trend.

Married June 25, 2016, Nikki and her husband Sean were on the cutting edge of the latest in wedding trends –  forgoing filet mignon and lobster tails for some good old-fashioned barbeque. “It’s more affordable than steak and shrimp,” said Bobbi Harlem, owner of the Carriage House, the Southside wedding venue. “And for us, it goes really well with the barn-like atmosphere of the Carriage House.”

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