Brother, can you spare a Crypto?

Brother, can you spare a Crypto? By Ted Potrikus Back in the day, I’d go through the first dozen-or-so blank checks in our family checkbook at January’s beginning just to write in the digits applicable to our new calendar year. Now, I’m not even sure I could find the checkbook. New Year’s Day, in fact, I wanted to buy something I found online. I got to the ‘shopping cart’ part of the deal and was prepared to enter my credit…


LIMITI: I identify as an anime character; and that’s OK with me

I identify as an anime character, and that’s OK with me Some things never change, which includes my spending weekends watching anime in my apartment alone. Two and a half months since I’ve moved to Oneonta, I find myself curiously identifying with anime protagonists with a target audience of pre-pubescent boys. People may raise their eyebrows at me, perhaps think I’m crazy, but I consider anime to be one of the greatest things in life. Nothing has the ability to…