Edition of 08/17/2023


Sunshine and Sunflowers

Many thanks to Bill Miller for this bucolic view of the fields on Route 28 just south of the Village of Cooperstown. It’s vistas like this that remind us why we live in Otsego County.…


Steve Gaunt Completes Otsego Lake Swim

Why does one swim the length of Lake Otsego? Because it is a challenge, and it’s there. And so, at 8:02 a.m. on Sunday, July 30, Steven Gaunt plunged into 76-degree water at Council Rock to begin his 9-mile journey to Springfield Public Landing. Gaunt was accompanied by a kayak alternately paddled by his father, David Gaunt, his father-in-law, Mike Pikarsky, and friend Bill Wilson—to act as guide and to supply water and protein bars along the way—and a motorboat…


BIANYS To Honor Laurens Couple at March On Walk

In 2015, Manny Pelligra had been getting ready for work—knowing retirement awaited him at the end of the week—when his wife, Pat, told him she wasn’t feeling well. As they left the house together that day, Pat needed help to the car, and Manny immediately knew he had to get her to the emergency room. Pat had suffered a stroke. What began as a brain bleed was followed by years of surgeries and rehabilitation.…


Local Carver Seeks To Do Good With Wooden ‘Comfort Birds’

Jacquie Donahoe spends her summers at her family’s camp on Canadarago Lake. She happens to be an accomplished woodcarver and is part of a network of carvers who seek to ease suffering and pain around the world through their products. Her interest and passion for woodcarving came from her experiences riding the carousel at the now defunct Canadarago Lake Park.…


BBHoF Looks at 2024 Eligibles

BBHoF Looks at 2024 Eligibles COOPERSTOWN—The National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum released a partial list of former MLB players who are eligible for election to the Class of 2024. Next year’s induction will take place on Sunday, July 26. Players must have played 10 seasons and have been retired for five full seasons before they can be selected for the Hall of Fame by the Baseball Writers’ Association of America. Provided they remain retired, the following players are…


Time Out Briefs: August 17, 2023

Acclaimed national bestselling author Mary Beth Keane will visit the Village Library of Cooperstown for a talk and book signing at 4 p.m. on Wednesday, August 23. Copies of her book, “The Half Moon,” will be available for purchase, thanks to The Green Toad Bookstore.…


Shelby: Swim Event a Success

Thanks for the information you published about our Early Bird Swim last week. This really helps us to gain community support for our efforts and those that are involved. Funny fact: We had more than 70 people who came to the swim, causing a small break in the dock, but it’s already fixed! Oops!…


Potrikus: Don’t Rely on Bond Act Funds

The whole of the greater Otsego County region can hope Otsego Land Trust’s advocacy will succeed in obtaining grants through New York’s “Clean Water, Clean Air and Green Jobs Environmental Bond Act.” The Trust’s “News from the Noteworthy” column published August 10 outlines projects that surely merit Bond Act support. Don’t be fooled, though, by the now-standard government public relations ploy of the “educational listening tour.” They’re little more than cut-and-paste roadshows repeating the same bullet-point platitudes and painting a…


Conover: NY Forward Grant Important to All

In recent years, Doubleday Field and its approach have been renovated; sidewalks have been upgraded on Main and Pioneer streets; Pioneer Park has been redesigned, and much more. The result is a more appealing downtown, and it has all been done with public dollars and much work from a few very committed individuals. We should all be grateful for what they have accomplished.
We now have a unique opportunity with a sizable $4.5 million grant from NY Forward to continue the…

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