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NORTHRUP: Before Cuomo Resignation, Let Investigations Conclude


Before Cuomo Resignation,
Let Investigations Conclude

To the Editor:

I have never voted for Andrew Cuomo and probably never will. I can’t. I’m not a year-’round resident of New York State.

The allegations of harassment against him are troubling, and, if proven, worthy of condemnation. But I am going to suggest that, rather than simply clamour for his resignation, it would be more helpful, indeed therapeutic, to allow the investigations by the state Attorney General and the state Legislature to play out.

That’s what the harassment statutes are for. Under the law, the presumption is that the accused is innocent, and that guilt must be proven, not simply alleged.

As a practical matter, if he resigned now, nothing would be proven. The only lesson learned would be that he was held accountable to the court of public opinion, not the law.

By resigning, there will be no investigation, no due process, no conclusive judgment. Not a great precedent for the law or the process.

Senator Gillibrand is calling for his resignation. I recall that she was the first of Senator Al Franken’s colleagues to condemn him for alleged harassment.

When she was rebuked for that after he resigned, she said, “He could have gone before the Ethics Committee.” True, with her prejudicial dagger sticking in his back.

In hindsight, Franken should have gone through the process, as Cuomo says he will. Daggers and all. If he comes out of it battered but unbroken, I might even vote for him. Multiple times, as my dead relatives and I do regularly in Texas.


Ethics Complaint Against Richfield Board Dismissed

Ethics Complaint Against

Richfield Board Dismissed

With One Page Lacking, Oversight

Committee Concludes It Can’t Act

Complainant Mike Reid, right, says Page 2 was missing from the complaint he filed Jan. 20 with the Town of Richfield Ethics Committee. At left is Kane Seamon, committee chairman.  Town Supervisor Nick Palevsky has his back to camera.  (Jim Kevln/

By JIM KEVLIN • Special to

Citizen Randy Seamon observes, “There’s nothing in these pages that tell me what the charges are.”

RICHFIELD SPRINGS – The first complaint ever filed with the Town of Richfield Ethics Committee was dismissed this evening after the three members agreed there was insufficient content in the record for them to make a determination.

“Can I refile?” asked Mike Reid, the town Planning Board member who raised so-far-unspecified allegations against Town Supervisor Nick Palevsky and freshman Town Board member Ed Bello Jr.

Ethics Committee chairman Kane Seamon, who lost his seat on the town board last November, said Reid can.

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