Animal Shelter, Sheriff, D.A. Join In Task Force Vs. Animal Cruelty

SQSPCA, D.A., Sheriff Unite Vs. Animal Cruelty By LIBBY CUDMORE HARTWICK SEMINARY – Stacie Haynes, Susquehanna SPCA executive director, won’t be caught off guard by animal cruelty. “What always scares me about these cases is that they went unnoticed for so long before they blew up,” she said. “These animals were suffering. We needed something to prevent that suffering and get them help sooner.” To work to that goal, Haynes partnered with Sheriff Richard J. Devlin Jr. and District Attorney…


Susquehanna SPCA Raises Over $95K In ‘Save A Life’ Campaign

Susquehanna SPCA Raises Over $95K In ‘Save A Life’ Campaign   COOPERSTOWN Raising more than $75,000 in donations as part of the Staffworks “Save a Life” campaign, the Susquehanna Animal Shelter was one of the top performers of the fund drive, receiving an additional $10,000 towards their capital project on top of the $10,000 in matching funding for a total of $95,949. “We didn’t raise the most, but Anita felt like we did so well as newcomers that she gave…



FUNDRAISING DRIVE OVER $1 MILLION Site Bought For New Shelter INDEX – Just six weeks old, the $2 million “Shelter Us” fund drive passed the halfway mark in recent days, giving the Susquehanna SPCA confidence to buy land for its new headquarters. The SPCA has closed the deal on two acres of land at 5088-5082 Route 28, CPA Judith Brown’s former office and the building next door. “We’re finalizing everything withour construction management team. We are planning to break ground…