Homer Simpson


Isn’t Resisting Everything Prescription For Decline?

from JOHN RUDY Isn’t Resisting Everything Prescription For Decline? To the Editor: Your editorial on The Simpsons’ “D’oh Canada” episode nicely expresses an optimistic counter to the show’s negative portrayal of Upstate New York. From a macro sense, it would be hard to find fault with your even-handed depiction of the many causes of the decline across the state, as well as the various efforts at reinvention and renewal. Most telling was your observation that one of the problems of…


As We Toil, Thanks For Nothing, Homer

from JAMES R. DEAN As We Toil, Thanks For Nothing, Homer To the Editor: Regarding the ongoing New York Times articles about people moving up to the Hudson Valley and the Catskills: It cannot not come soon enough for me. I have driven back and forth through those areas for 50 years and I have seen the decline and loss of people and interest. It has gone from not being able to pass cars on the road in the 1970s,…


Homer Simpson Inducted Into Baseball Hall of Fame

HALL OF FAME CLASSIC 2017 Homer Simpson In Baseball Hall With Jane Forbes Clark, chairman of the board, Jon Shestakofsky, VP/communications, and Jeff Idelson, president, right, Homer Jay Simpson of the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant softball team was inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame at the end of a 25th anniversary round-table discussion of The Simpsons TV show’s “Homer At The Bat” episode.  Behind Idelson are fellow Hall of Famers and Power Plant teammates Wade Boggs and Ozzie Smith. “If…

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