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June 13-14 2019

FINE, FUN FOOD: Veal, Spiced Duck At Horned Dorset


Veal, Spiced Duck

At Horned Dorset

The Husband and I had the pleasure of dining at The Horned Dorset last week. It was everything everyone said it would be – great food, great service, elegant atmosphere, pricey and well worth every cent.
To start they serve a warm crock of homemade cheddar spread (a secret recipe they have made for 42 years) and homemade crackers. Then a salad course with lettuces, yellow beets, sunchokes.
We both took advantage of the chef’s specials for appetizers. Hub’s appetizer was the Gnocchi Parisienne – tender gnocchi with oyster mushrooms, fresh ramps, shaved parmesan and he added the rabbit confit. I had the Asparagus Vichyssoise – potato/asparagus soup with shrimp and a bit of creme fraiche artily drizzled on top.
Hub’s main course was also a special offering – Veal Medallions with a local free range fried egg and grilled foie gras. My choice from the regular menu was the Spiced Duck, which was half a duck, very lightly spiced (I expected spicier) over a bed of vegetables and an artful smear of sweet potato mash.
A nice bottle of 2012 Bordeaux topped off the meal, along with Tahitian Vanilla ice cream for him, Passion Fruit sorbet for me.
I am glad we did not order the dark chocolate mousse special for dessert. It takes extra time to prepare, so you have to order it when you put in your meal order. Too tough a decision for that early on, so we passed even though it sounded fantastic. We were both so full after dinner that even the small bowl of ice cream/sorbet was tough to finish.
Be prepared for a long leisurely meal. We were there for nearly three hours, but it was a pleasant wait and the servers were very attentive.
We were in the Library Room along with some bookshelves, stained glass windows, a grand piano, and at least one large painting of (what else?) sheep. I am guessing they were dorsets, but I didn’t get up to take a closer look. (2000 Route 8, Leonardsville. Closed Mon.-Tues. 315-855-7898)

KATHLEEN PETERS, Graphic Designer

Sometimes, a girl just wants a cheese board. Nothing fancy, nothing too heavy, just some creamy Upstate cheeses – and that’s where Roots Brewing Company comes in! Their Upstate Ploughman’s gives you four artisanal cheeses, locally made bread, jam and olives, plus tangy pickled onions. I never thought I’d try them, but I was surprised at just how tasty they were! Pairs well with an Awestruck
Hibiscus Ginger cider for a light, easy meal, or try one of their hearty home-brews. (175 Main St, Oneonta. 607-433-2925)

LIBBY CUDMORE, Managing Editor

When I’m wrong, I admit it (usually!). I’ve only gone to Golden Guernsey for their fabulous ice cream. I thought that was what Golden Guernsey was all about. I was wrong, as made evident by the massive amount of people that had stopped by for lunch this day! They have a nice selection of quick, go-to-mostly-comfort-food on the menu, with daily specials. I chose the special that day, a roasted pork
sandwich topped with melted mozzarella cheese on a really fresh bun. It was topped with stoneground mustard that melded the tastes!
The fries were nice and crunchy, not soggy or over-cooked, and the soup my friend had was a nice creamy chicken and rice – definitely homemade. (Golden Guernsey 15 Main St., Oneonta 607-432-7209)

TARA BARNWELL, General Manager

Find a refreshing midday meal in the heat of summer at the Fly Creek General Store. Stop to fill up with gas, meet a few regulars, and pick up a delicious potato salad at the deli. The cooling salad has delicious potatoes, egg whites, and flavor from celery and onion. Perfect to take out for a picnic one of these hot summery days. (Fly Creek General Store, 6212 NY-28, Fly Creek. 607-547-7274)

LARISSA RYAN, Office Manager

I often order the Chicken Teriyaki Bento Box dinner entree at Tokyo Tavern in Oneonta when I go with my family because I enjoy eating five of the six foods out of what’s a sort of chic TV dinner tray.
Nestled in the box’s five compartments are slices of grilled chicken breast drizzled with Teriyaki sauce (you can choose steak or salmon as well), a handful of edamame pods, a salad, your choice of white, brown or fried rice (I get brown), and six California sushi pieces, complete with slivers
of pickled ginger and Wasabi. The food is healthy and light, leaving me room for dessert. (Tokyo Tavern, 211 Main St, Oneonta)

JENNIFER HILL, Staff Reporter

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