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“Justice for Floyd

CLARK: Where Is God? In Otsego County


Where Is God?

In Otsego County

By Rev. LaDANA CLARK • Special to

Where is GOD?

The whole world goes down in a plague and comes up in a peaceful protest! Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. said, “I can’t make a man love me, only GOD can do that.”

Rev. LaDana Clark, Oneonta,
known as Lady Jam, is a self-described hip-hop pastor. She spoke at Oneonta
and Cooperstown “Rallies for Justice,”
and provided this excerpt. She was a speaker at the “Justice for George Floyd” rally in Cooperstown Saturday, June 7.

Where is GOD?

GOD is in the heart of every person who is rising up right now, on one accord, all over the country, and all over this world, for justice, love, peace and equality!

Where is GOD?

We are all a part of The Tapestry, The Fabric, The Essence of GOD!

We are One America! We are One Global World Community and we are now operating together to be the change we want to see!

Where is GOD?

To our young people, across America and the World! You are strong, bold, and peaceful, amazing and triumphant! You are also our next generation of hope!

GOD is equally proud of you and all of us right now!

Police Officers are quickly and strategically being held accountable!

“Community policing” is being put back on the table, funds from police budgets are being diverted to human needs budgets or in other words, diverted to the least of these!

Now, I don’t care if someone is a Democrat or a Republican as long as they are for all the people! A call for an enormous voter registration and mobilization is in effect! We must vote up and down the ballot, for local and national candidates!

The pulse of the people is focused on unity, peaceful protest, reflections on injustice and equality for all! Diverse people must keep speaking out! Responsible leaders must continue taking moral action!

This is how we get the people’s business done, at a standard that works in the best
interest of “All GOD’s Children!”

“Amen – Everybody!” Let’s keep moving America and the world community in “The Right Direction” and remain steadfast and unmoveable!

Let us do our best to stay on the right side of history!

Finally, remember social media and cell phone videos are more powerful than weapons of “mass destruction” and we should use these tools wisely and continue these exciting, electric days of much needed peace, love, action and unity!

Where is GOD? GOD is in you!

GOD is in me! GOD is in everyone who breathes!


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