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MORGAN: Why Must Presidential Bids Go On Forever-And-A-Day?


Why Must Presidential Bids

Go On Forever-And-A-Day?

By TOM MORGAN • Special to

      If there’s one thing we’re good at in this country it is expanding things. From our waistlines and hamburgers to the NBA season, we know how to make things bigger and longer. Please note I do not imply necessarily better.

The Baseball Hall of Fame serves up a good example. In 1980 I went to its big induction ceremony in Cooperstown. When they welcomed the Detroit Tiger star Al Kaline into the Hall.

They held it on a side lawn of the Hall. There were maybe 300 of us. You could shake hands with Al, or the Duke or Yaz or any other star you wanted to. There was one star for every 10 fans.

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