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Nicholas Cunningham

CUNNINGHAM: We Should Talk Through Impeachment Issues

We Should Talk Through

Impeachment Issues

To the Editor:
Re: West Davenport & Mike Zagata versus Fly Creek & Adrian Kuzminski!
Thank you, Freeman’s Journal & Hometown Oneonta, for giving us both sides of the impeachment debate.
Impeachment tests our constitutional system of government: When the executive and legislative branches so disagree as to freeze governmental action, impeachment calls us to the third and fourth estates:
Our present impeachment process is likely to be resolved by:
►the U.S. Supreme Court, (beleaguered, but representing the Constitution), and/or
►the free press representing us, the people.
So, FJ & HO, please keep up the discussion until we, the electorate, better informed, can resolve it…probably next fall, at the ballot box!
Or, as Mao put it: “Let many flowers bloom!”
(Mao probably didn’t mean it, the soil in a one-party state being so inhospitable to a free press.)
We mean it, our soil still being fairly fertile… thanks to your newspapers, and other worthy representatives of our “fourth estate”!

Springfield Center

Take Heart:  Make Capitalism Work For Us

Take Heart:  Make

Capitalism Work For Us

To the Editor:

Adrian Kuzminski (May 30-31, 2019) recalls Garrett Hardin’s classic 1968 “Tragedy of the Commons” with appreciation, but closes with a rather forlorn, indeed hopeless take-home message.

As I recall, Harden pointed out that, faced with exploitation of “the commons,” rationing provided a workable solution: for example, if “free” parking becomes scarce and is being exploited by the powerful or the feckless, parking meters offer a simple practical solution.

So rather than pine for our long lost “non-corporate, decentralized, re-personalized, re-localized model of independently owned and run businesses,” why not seek out practical solutions?

• use our anti-monopoly laws to break up the “too-big” corporations,

• give unions equal power,

• encourage cooperatives,

• regulate corporate emissions & pollution & unfair business practices,

• guarantee a national living minimum wage,

• make capitalism work for us, the land and our children’s futures?

It’s hard to unseat these quarterly income obsessed corporate leaders!

But we can unseat our legislators, governors and the POTUS, until we elect governments that work not for them, but for us, and are capable of protecting our local, national and global “commons”!

Springfield Center

Whom Do We Trust?
from Nicholas Cunningham

Whom Do We Trust?

To the Editor:
Re Mike Zagata’s March 14 remarks about socialism, the National Debt, and energy:

• Our health, education and welfare can be entrusted to our legislatures and executives whom we vote in or out. Or they can be run by big corporations over which we have almost no control.

• Social security, our public schools and Medicare may be socialistic, but whatever we call them, they serve us pretty well.

• Yes, the national debt is much too high, but Reagan and Trump raised it and Clinton lowered it. And two big reasons it’s so high are excess military spending and reduced tax income from the very rich.

• If we do need more nuclear power, let it be under professional … not for-profit management!

Springfield Center

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